Anyone sending Christmas cards to customers?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Mowtown Mike, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. stumpslawncare

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    Yes, Christmas cards are great. I think the tip envelope degrades the point of the christmas card. Kinda defeats the purpose, "Happy Holidays thanks for being our customer, by the way can you give us some more money."
  2. tjsquickcuts

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    Clearly we are in two different areas, because so far I have received 23 signed and sealed contracts and a few xmas cards and I have only passed out 58 cards, well 78 as of today. My customers love the convenience and the peace of mind of not having to worry about who will be doing their lawn maintenance. I deal with a high end clientele who loves the way I operate my company, so until its broke, I won't fix it. You should try it, you might find it useful....just depending on your demographics.....Every area is maybe in your area people might find it offensive, but I am running a business, not running friendships and people in my area understand that so they take no offense, even get complimented often on how informed I keep my customers and how its a worry free set up. I mean, you cant got to a web site with-out that web-site advertising something to you, movies, tv, radio, mail, newspaper......Thats the problem with a lot of you guys, to busy trying to make friends, instead of running a business. But I digress...what ever works for you cool.....*trucewhiteflag*
  3. Brian B

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  4. arapahoetree

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    Yes...I do the customers that we had for this past year, as well as regulars and also other businesses we work with.
  5. Poncho25

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    Sending out cards is not only professional, but it also keeps the friendship level with your clients, which is always nice. I went a bit overboard with a few of my clients who pay more $$ and sent them a 25.00 gift card to Home Depot. Do I expect a tip. Hell No, their tip for me is to stay as my client for all their needs, and in hopes that they spread the word around to their friends and family. And remember, this is a business expense so its a write off :) I just budgeted it all under my advertisement budget being that I don't really advertise during this time of year.
  6. Roger

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    Thank you for your post to make my point. Your words are conflicting. Christmas cards are the expression of friendship, having absolutely nothing to do with business.

    The culture's collective notion of Christmas has strayed far from the reality of Christmas. The ideas have nothing to do with location, "my area" vs. "your area." Exhchange of Christmas greetings is only meaningful between those parties who share the reality of Christmas.

    I applaud the actions suggested earlier, that is, thanking customers for their loyalty, business, etc. But, a "thank you" card, or a simple hand-written note will do the task just fine. Including coupons for free work, contracts to be signed, or other business transactions can be included with such a card or note. To fashion the exchange under the guise of Christmas is bowing to the misconceptions that permeate our society.

    And, to suggest that "it does not matter," "nobody will be offended," or "it can't hurt," are other misconceptions.
  7. Luvs2Play

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    We send Christmas cards to all our customers because it is "Christmas". We also send a receipt for a donation equal to the cost of one service donated to a local food bank charity in their name. We have an account set up solely for this purpose. Our customers always let us know how they appreciate this. We get tips, but never would I ask for one or make a customer (or ex customer) feel obligated.
  8. bbpropmaint

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    sent mine today..Incl a $5 dollar lotto ticket..hopefully one of them hits big and spends it on there landscape..
  9. tjsquickcuts

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    The reason most LCO send out xmas cards has everything to do with running their business. It helps solidify customer loyalty. JMO.....I mean I can give a rats @$$ about being friends with any of my customers, because thats only setting you up to get your feelings hurt when they decide that they are going to give Joe Blow a try because he is super cheap. I have been there done that. Its all business now....and if they dont like the way we operate, then cool, just pay the cancellation fee and their will be no hard feelings. No matter how much customer loyalty you think you may have with a customer, they are still human, and sometimes will do crazy things like thinking someone else who is cheaper will provide the same type of service.....But anywho....
  10. Dean of Green

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    I consider myself a professional, as I am sure you all do. I charge a professional price for my professional services. Just something for those of you that want to put your hand out during the Christmas season. Your customers do not owe you anything. We do not work for tips. We work for the agreed upon fees that we charge to do the services that we provide. If you feel the urge to outstretch your arm near the end of December then maybe you are not charging enough for your services.
    Now with that being said, I do have customers give me gifts(which I graciously accept). To me the gift means much more knowing that I didn't expect it or request it. I am sure the customers have a similar perspective.

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