Anyone service an Office Max ?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by grass_cuttin_fool, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Okay, Ive been watching an Office max in the city for 4 - 6 weeks and the grass is 1/2 trimmed and the flower beds havent been touched this year and there are weeds all in the parking lot.

    I see a big RED FLAG HERE, in the middle of the city and everything for miles is groomed and this place is like a jungle. I just wonder if they are giving the guy every chance to catch up or are they bad about paying and the guy has scaled back on services?

    Anyway I left my card with the asst manager and he said he will pass it on to the manager on Monday, I dont really expect to here anything but...........ya never know, what are some of yalls opinions? :waving:

  2. MMLawn

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    We do a couple Staples and Office Depots, but our actual contract is with the center property owners they are in not directly with the companies. Rarely do these businesses own the property as they always lease. I also didn't realize there were any Office Max's left as I haven't seen any of those in years as Staples dominates the market here.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

    grass_cuttin_fool LawnSite Gold Member
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    Thanx for the heads up, I should of realized that most all of the businesses lease the buildings and lots. Maybe they are on the way out of this part of the country and are trying to hang on by cutting back on services like lawn care

  4. SodKing

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    Well there wouldn't be any Office Maxx left of the DOJ let them be bought by Staples...but they didn't too much market overlap they daid. The DOJ did however let Mobil and Exxon merge...
  5. topsites

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    Gawleee dude, if you see the red flag, why would you give them your card?

    The other thing is, Office Max doesn't own that lot. More likely than not, Office Max as a corporation leases the building (rentals), the lot is owned by a real estate firm who in turn also handles the lot maintenance. I'd say you just barked up the wrong tree heh, but if per chance the manager does call you, watch out LOL because they own nothing and they are not going to write the check so who cares...

    As for finding out who owns it, that's a bit of a tuffy... The only way I can think of is to look for empty stores that have the for-lease sign on them, that would be a good source of information (likely a phone number on there too)... If there are no empty stores, try and find an owner / operator store (small local business) and see if, when you walk in and ask politely, the owner of the store tells you the name of the real estate company in charge of the leasing. You might tell them why, or you might tell them you were thinking of renting a space or something...
  6. grass_cuttin_fool

    grass_cuttin_fool LawnSite Gold Member
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    I quess the reason I see a red flag is because for miles everything is groomed real nice and this place sticks out like a sore thumb. Something doesnt add up, but it could be a gold mine just sitting there ready for the picking, but Ive never just walked into anything like that, more times than not.........if it seems to good to be usually is.

  7. PROCUT1

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    More than likely they have a mowblow in there dirt cheap, and the plaza owners who are probably 5 states away dont give a rats tail what the lot looks like. The plaza is probably only a line item on their income statement.
  8. METRO 36

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    the ofice max in mt town is in the same shape( the first cut wasnt until a week ago) I put in a bid really reasonable (hell probaly cheap) no response.
    last week i se that it has been cut, not trimmed weeds in all the beds,and landscapes,trash every etc.

    Dont know if its the company or the lco? But seeing that there are know 2 this far apart id say its the company either broke or cheap.

    get what ya payfor
  9. Coreyb

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    talk to the manager, district manager, or regional manager. if they see how poorly it looks, they could complain to the owners. the property owners want to keep their tenants happy. it might be a way to get your foot in the door. it has worked for us several times. maybe not for this season, but for the next contract.

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