Anyone starting weekly mowing yet?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Feb 28, 2011.

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    It is not a good time to try and build a business here in Florida. Particularly the Lawn mowing business. Up scale customer who want good service and are willing to pay already have Juan and Carlo doing a great job for the last 15 years and will tell their new neighbors. Tire Kicker will drop a service provider for $ 0.50 a month. My area has 15% unemployment.

    This year I networked with a LCO for some joint Advertisement. We took a Whole Page both Sides. Bottom line is so far we have only gotten Tire Kicker call which are a PITA.
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    We go weekly April thru Sept here and 2x per the rest of the months and 1x per on some warehouses. Same price per month on them all year round.
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    I've been on 10 day schedule for the last month or so. Will be going to weekly starting next week. Just did a couple this morning that were starting to get out of hand on the 10 day rotation.
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    I pretty much "visit" most lawns every 7-10 days right now, but only two or three see the mower every week. Either to mulch some leaves or one that has a dense stand of rye. If history is an indicator, I will probably be cutting half of them weekly by the 10th of April, and the rest weekly by May 1st.
  5. I only have 2 properties that are weekly year round. Right now I am going to the rest EOW. I spray, trim, and cut on the service week and take the following week off. There really is no need to go weekly if you stay on top of this until about mid April. Now, if were are talking nice estate homes, sure, I will go every week, but they will pay for it.
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    I'm talking nice homes and/or customers that pay very well. I like to be seen :) I'd rather have a customer say, jokingly, "what are you doing here? There's nothing to do." Rather than knowing a tree limb or pile of leaves had been sitting near the front door for nearly two weeks.
  7. True, but the key is they have to be paying for the extra visit. Most of my customers are very chill and aren't nit-picky. Now like I said once I start picking up some estate homes, I will show my ass every week year round amd possibly 2x week if they have Bermuda/paspalum.
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    I am back at it for weekly service. The growth is there in most of the lawns, some of the shrubs....but most importantly I am there making sure things are in order before juan and paco pass out there flyers and the home owners looks around and sees something out of place and figures I am not worth what they are paying me.
    The way I figure it, December rocked us early this year and I got a lot of extra time off because of it, I got a good solid account base built up, and I am not risking losing that client base to juan and paco or even Tommy who just got the home depot special.
  9. Mike I can understand for you C Fl guys as you prob didnt cut all dec and prob all jan. I was still EOW all of jan/feb and still every 3rd week in dec. Some of my yards have decent growth, but I will not do them weekly right now as they aren't paying for that. They def. don't look out of whack, but the growth is decent.
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    This is the key from keeping juan and paco from getting them:):)

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