anyone switched from a skidsteer to a mini track

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AintNoFun, May 1, 2006.

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    im just curious if anyone has switched from a skidsteer to a mini track loader. our wheeled skidsteers just aren't cutting anymore, and i really dont want to get a tracked machine. the reason why i think im getting rid of our skidsteers is because in NJ a MTL is not considered a piece of equipment. This saves me big money (hundreds of dollars a day in payroll) on prevailing rate jobs which is what we are doing more and more of. because i have to pay operators rates in a skidsteer where as on MTL i can pay laborer's rates. we only do planting and hydroseeding so lift capacity really isn't a big thing for us. no hardscaping anymore either. i got some demos coming this week, toro is gonna bring a dingo tomorrow and then im gonna check out the bobcat and vermeer at the end of the week. just curious if anyone has made the switch? also whats the biggest sized B & B tree i should be able to move with one of these machines? thanks
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    Be sure to check out the new DitchWitch SK650.
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    The biggest B&B tree you can handle with the tree forks is 36". However there are a number of variables ball weight - wet or dry, type of tree etc.

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