anyone that does sprinkler systems and lawns?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by haynestotallawn, Apr 18, 2002.

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    Tell me this. What causes the sprinkler heads to not come up? Just bubble up? Not my field, but I want to know what causes this. Also, which field is more enjoyable? Just curious as to what some of the multi facited types think.
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    not enough water pressure.... this isn't my field either but if the heads won't pop up there's not enough pressure... check if there is a manual shut off valve... i have a property where the homeowner had lived there 5 years and every year the lawn would die right along the edge because the sprinklers didn't hit this part of the lawn... when he asked me to cut into the existing system and add some heads i put it off and put it off but this last weekend i ended up digging the trenches to put in the new heads and found that there was an existing system already there. the manual shut off had but turned before he moved into the house so that part of the system never when on and the heads had been grown over with grass.... ok to get back on topic, check the shut off valves there should be one on the solenoid (the part with wires hanging out of it) and mostlikely one more someplace close by... also you can pull the heads and check the filters inside, if they are clogged they won't let water out... another thing that could be wrong is there is a screw on the top of most pop-ups that sets how much flow the sprinker has, turn that and see what happens.... other then that i don't know, but then again this isn't my field.. hope that helps

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