anyone tow with a Jeep?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Detroitdan, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Detroitdan

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    I am currently towing a 16 foot dual axle 7000 gvw landscape trailer carrying a 52" walk-behind, a 21" push mower, trimmer, blower, gas, rakes and a wheelbarrow. Not much weight, probably way less than a half ton on top of the trailer itself. I have been using my K3500 dually to haul it around with, and it is absolute overkill for this little trailer. I was thinking of getting an S10 to pull it with and as a cheaper vehicle to run around in, and park the 1 ton except for plowing and towing the camper. But recently I've been thinking about getting a Jeep, either a CJ or an older Wrangler. Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on towing with the little short wheelbase rig. I'm looking for either an inline six or the 4 banger, a v8 would defeat the purpose as far as fuel economy. I have no doubt the I6 will pull the trailer easily, and I think the 4 could be convinced to do it. Was just wondering about how stable they are, and if there is anything else I should think about. I will need to wire in a brake controller and 6 pin connector to match up to my trailer and have brakes, (even though I probably wont need the brakes). I have a lot of towing experience, but mostly heavy stuff. Also, I could put a little snowplow on a Jeep and have it for cleanup and some of the tight spots that my 1 ton with a Blizzard is too big for, that would help justify the purchase.
    Thanks, Dan
  2. Ben@speedbarn

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    You would probably want to downgrade the trailer to a 6x10 single axel if you are going to be using a Wrangler type of jeep. Get a cherokee and you could probably tow the larger trailer.
  3. subs1000w

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    i agree get a smaller trailer you are only utalizing half of the 16 footer 6x10 or 6x12 would be perfect and would pull fine with a wrangle but i wouldnt try a 16 dual axle
  4. mike lane lawn care

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    i used to use a grand cherokee and it towed a a 14 ft trailer and was called upon to tow 24ft. dual axle trailer moe than a few times. it handled fine, tough to stop the bigger one as the jeep wansn't hooked up with brakes, if you put a controler in you should be fine with a cherokee. But with a wrangler? i think the wheele base is too short for safe towing, you get the "tail wagging the dog" if you know what i mean.
  5. stuffdeer

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    GEt the new Wrangler unlimited if you want to tow.
  6. Detroitdan

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    well, thanks for the replies, even if you wont tell me what I want to hear. My buddy has a 2000 Wrangler on 33s and he says he tows his good sized popup camper with no trouble, and he goes about 100 miles to Cape Cod on the highway. I think his popup must be comparable in weight, it's only 12' but packed with stuff including a full potable water tank. I would only be traveling the local back roads to my accounts, never get on the highway. I think I woud definitely hook up the brakes and install some new D-rings so I can tie down my mower right over the wheels. Right now everything is in front of the wheels, but my dually doesnt notice a little tongue weight. So far nobody responding that has a Jeep? I keep seeing Jeeps with hitches, but not towing anything. I've called a couple trailer stores but nobody can tell me what my trailer weighs empty. It isnt on the title either. Still thinking about it. Hope someone chimes in that has tried it. My other option would be an S-10 or Toyota pickup with 4wd, but they arent cheap either, and not as fun as a Jeep.
  7. PGold

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    From my experiences, you wouldn't want to get a smaller trailer to tow behind a very short wheelbase vehicle. A longer trailer usually tends to have less sway when you are towing a load. I would not want to have a wrangler with 33 inch tires pulling anything if it has the 4 cylinder engine. If it has the 6 cylinder, then you will have the power to tow about 3000 pounds. Even if you can tow that weight, it would not be fun with a wrangler. A cherokee would be much better, but a toyota would be perfect. If you are pulling about 3000 pounds with your wrangler, you will be getting close to the fuel economy of my 2004 f250. You might want to consider dropping down the rear end gears on your 1 ton.
  8. PGold

    PGold LawnSite Member
    from biloxi
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    I have a 1990 toyota 4runner and it will pull the crap out of a trailer. It has lower gears, and 4wd. It doesn't sway and it will pull way over it's capacity. When i was first starting my business, i would tow my bobcat and trailer with the 4runner with no swaying, excellent control, and no problems stopping. I had the premium rotors and the premium brake pads, but I never had an issue. The trailer weighed 2000 pounds and the bobcat weighs 6800. I would never recommend towing 8,800 pounds!!!! ... But towing your trailer, you will love it and the 4wd is a dream to have. My 2004 f250 gets stuck if you say the word water. I am fairly certain that i will get it stuck on asphalt one day. I will be sitting a stoplight and when i take off it will just dig straight down until it is stuck. I guess that is from 60 psi tires.
  9. lawnboy dan

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    i towed with a small bronco and landrover for many years. the short wb makes backing the trailer a breeze.
  10. Idealtim

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    Oh it will pull it, just rips the guts out of the jeep. Don't expect anything more out of the jeep than a beater tow unit.

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