Anyone tried Ironite 6-2-1

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rdran5, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I have a chance to by this stuff pretty cheap, does it work!! Says it won't burn and will green up the lawn, weeds too I suppose, in 24 hours.
    And NO I don't have my applicator license, YET.
    Thanks for any input..
  2. FL&G

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    from R.I.
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    I've used it on winter damaged evergreens in the early spring. Seems to work o.k. for that , never used it on a lawn before.

    I do know it is made from the talus piles at strip mines and that the state of Maine is trying to get it banned.
    Are you or your clients using well water? If so I would reconsider.
  3. Jason Rose

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    I used it on my lawn at my old house for a couple seasons. I really liked the results. I really only fertilsazed a couple times a season with conventional fert. the other apps I used the Ironite. Never did any soil tests but I can say my lawn was dark green all season without any excessive top growth.

    I had a really small lawn and I kinda babied it to make the neghibors jealous. worked well! It was realy the only Iron I ever got results with too... I tried liquid iron a few times and couldn't get any green-up. It could have been many factors that were causing the lack of green-up though. I am fighting my new lawn, bad soil... need to get it tested and find out why I can't get grass to take root...
  4. JimBab

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    rdran5: Ironite does work and will greenup your lawn. Some people will not use it because it has trace amounts of arsenic in it. In fact some states such as Maine have banned it due to this fact. Check with your state before you use it.
  5. DennisF

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    It's great for greening up the lawn without the growth spurt of high nitrogen ferts.
  6. The input is much appreciated, thanks.
  7. Likestomow

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    Just curious --- at the recommended application rate, how many pounds of N will you be applying per 1,000 feet? How many feet will 50#'s cover?
  8. sildoc

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    In the last couple of years I have incorparated Ironite into my fert schedule for late summer. It keeps it nice and green with out having the chance of burn that another app of fert could have. Our summers are hot and it is hard to schedule a late summer fert app that you can apply and get watered in before the scorching heat hits. It fills in between the summer app and fall app to keep it looking good.

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