Anyone turn the blades yet in the Mid Atlantic Region?


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Just curious if anyone in the Mid Atlantic region has started mowing yet. Went over past years records and we started this week in past years but not so this year with this cold weather.

So much for projecting receivables for this month...might lose 2 weeks at the rate we're going with the temps

A few commercial props are getting a little shaggy but not enough to justify turning the blades yet...grrr


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No plans to start mowing for at least a week. The lawns here in Central Pa. are green, but have little growth. The low this morning is 17 degrees with a wind chill of zero.

Generally I mow 40% for the first time the second week of April. I'm in no hurry, we still have plenty of clean-up's mulching, and odd jobs to stay busy for the foreseeable future....


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I started last week and had a full week to cut but mother nature had different plans, but this week is gonna be regular service from now on, Im in south central va


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Grass is getting green here but not much growth.With temps in the teens tonight it will be another week or two yet.


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Clinton, NJ
I have some I could do right now Gary, but I'm holding off till next week. I have too many things (including a boat load of aerating) to get done b4 "the games begin".

Little nippy (wind chill of 14) this morning, huh???


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Probably cut at the end of the week. Some commercials are shaggy here also. Everything is greening up nice though but cold temps are stunting growth. Been doing a lot of mulch.


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Central Va.
Cen. Va. near the mountains
I cut 2 over the weekend and had plans to cut 2 today but held off and worked on equipment and spent money. Been doing a lot of estimates and signing up new accounts, and doing clean ups. Just sitting here working on a contract. Plan to do a lot of cutting this week. Hope?! Should warm up and the rain may hold off till the weekend.