Anyone use a commercial mower with a steering wheel? - Having rotator cuff surgery

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davidcalhoun, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. madisonpressurewashing

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    Huntsville here
  2. FarmerCharlie

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    I picked up the new Gizmow today. Here she is:

    This afternoon, in a couple of hours I managed to cut the approximately 4 acres surrounding the pond and my house. I had planted grass around my new pond last year and installed about 15 PVC irrigation pipes radiating out from the pond. Cutting around the pipes makes for lots of turning. The Gizmow made this a lot faster than with my old Cub Cadet SLT-1554. I was a little surprised that it really does do a zero turn. When I reached the end of a pipe, I easily turned 180 degrees to cut along the other side. The mower is very fast, but when you make a sharp turn, it slows down just enough to feel comfortable with the turn. And the electric deck lift makes it easy to raise it a little while cutting parallel to a pipe, with the edge of the deck sticking slightly over the pipe. The one thing I did not like was that it stops VERY quickly when the cruise control disengages; it feels about like it feels when you run into a low stump with the deck. And sometimes it did disengage for no apparent reason--almost throwing me into the steering wheel.

    So far I haven't worked up the nerve to try the back slope of the dam. But I did cut both sides of a ditch that runs in front of the house. As advertised, it held steady while mowing across the slope, which is about 10 degrees. It did not want to turn up the slope, but it never felt unstable, and it did not tend to fall down the slope like a regular ZTR would.

    I sure wonder why this brand was not successful. I feel sure the Gizmow would compare favorably with any commercial ZTR.

    My back fence neighbor has a commercial lawn cutting business. He was even nice enough to cut my dam the one time it has been cut. He uses ZTRs with a darker and prettier shade of green. I can't wait to show him the new ugly green toy. I'll bet I could literally run circles around him on a good slope. :)

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  3. StanWilhite

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    Bet you had some fun with the new "toy". Nothing like gettin' a new piece of eqp and using it before the "new" wears off!
    Although I've never seen a GizMow in person, I think they would be great for people like you that have a lot of slopes to mow, or people that weren't comfortable with using "stick" controlled mowers. I've always wondered how much the lack of marketing had to do with GizMow's lack of popularity. Most people I know have never heard of them.
    Anyway, have fun! Stan
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    We demoed the Cub Cadet Tank with the steering wheel. The crew really liked it! It is built very tough with sturdy casters. It is considered a zero-turn. It only acts as a zero-turn when you turn the wheel all the way in either direction. Overall we were impressed.
  5. FarmerCharlie

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    I think the same is true for the Gizmow. The steering is coupled well to the hydraulics, because the inner wheel does turn slower, and it has not damaged the turf. The inner wheel does indeed reverse direction when I turn the front wheels to 180 degrees. But the zero turn apparently is disabled in reverse--not that that matters to me.

    From my brief look at the Cub Tank, I think the Gizmow is very similar. If your crew liked the tank, I'll bet they would like the Gizmow too. And it was a lot less expensive than the Tank. I'm thinking about ordering the two cams that couple the steering to the hydraulics, and putting them on the shelf just in case. But knowing me, if I ever did need them I wouldn't remember where they were. :)
  6. Leo the Landscaper

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    Thanks for the info...I have never heard of a Gizmow before this thread. I will definatley demo one.
  7. FarmerCharlie

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    That may not be easy. They are not currently being made, and my dealer did not have one in stock. I tried two other listed dealers as well, and neither of them had one. I think my dealer gets them from a distributer who must have bought up a bunch of them. I bought mine sight-unseen.
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  9. madisonpressurewashing

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    dude when i see it jump the curb, i want one
  10. davidcalhoun

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    Just a quick update. I had the surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago. My rotator cuff was not as bad as the MRI showed so they took care of some bone spurs and some other arthritic stuff in the shoulder joint. Definitely has made my recovery much quicker.

    I wore the sling for the first couple of weeks. This past week I tried out my mowers and I feel I will get by just fine with the dual controls.

    Appreciate all the information.

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