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Anyone use a cutaway van?


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Northeast Ohio
I’m trying to figure out the best vehicle to use for my fertilizing route. I really like the thought of a cutaway van, lower deck height, and an enclosed box separated from the cab.

Is anyone using this style truck? How do you like it? I’m debating how I want to haul the spreader with it, if I want to load it in the truck or do a hitch mount. I’m worried a hitch mount wouldn’t work with how low the truck is built.


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I don’t have one but it is popular in my area. Lots of folks run cutaways. Good choice in my opinion. I know lots of folks who also run a hitch mounted carrier with a cutaway.

Lawn Authority

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Did you find anything? We are looking for a box truck to keep the spreader inside. We have seen a few options and it seems to come down to the gate. Super Lawn Trucks has an Eco box truck with a fast electric gate.