Anyone use a Stihl fr130t? Backpack motor trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Nope but I am interested in one too. I know that they are only for sale in the UK market and they are basically a Km130r on a backpack!

    Nice to see another Ontario guy on here :canadaflag: im in Markham.
    Stay safe with all the flooding too!! :)
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    Talked to my Stihl dealer today and he's never heard of it & doubts it'll ever be offered in the USA. I suppose u could order one internationally & have it shipped over. Obviously the UK is only country that has it.

    For clearing embankments and difficult terrain

    Mowing long grass and weeds on steep or difficult terrain demands particularly well thought-out tools. They need to be rugged, powerful, easy to handle and ergonomic in use - just the characteristics of the new STIHL FR 460 TC-EM backpack brushcutter.

    Carrying the powerful, advanced and fuel-efficient STHIL 2-MIX engine comfortably and securely on the operator's back promotes a balanced work posture and easy brushcutter control. The softly padded carrying system distributes the weight of the engine ergonomically over the user's shoulders and hips, and a flexible coupling between the engine and tool's shaft makes the brushcutter more manouevrable, even when working uphill. STIHL has even set a tool bag into the backpack's support frame so accessories like extra cutting tools are ready to hand.

    High cutting performance and great pulling power
    Powering the cutting head steadily through even tough weeds, the advanced STIHL 2-MIX engine delivers extremely high torque over a wide engine speed range. The engine is gentle on the pocket and environment too: coupling low fuel consumption with low emissions, it comfortably complies with strict European exhaust emission regulations (Phase II).

    An M-Tronic first
    The STIHL FR 460 TC-EM is the first backpack brushcutter from STIHL to be equipped with the M-Tronic electronic engine management system as standard. M-Tronic precisely regulates the ignition timing and fuel mix in every machine operating state, optimizing performance and efficiency even at changing temperatures and altitudes or when running on varying fuel grades. Manual carburettor adjustments are a thing of the past; the engine is effectively self-tuning and thus simplicity to use. M-Tronic's memory function saves the settings from the last time it was used, so full engine power is available straight away.

    Practical, pleasant and easy to use
    STIHL engineers paid special attention to ease of everyday use, and ensured ergonomic working comfort through the new brushcutter's design. They know professional users often work with these power tools for prolonged periods of time. The STIHL ErgoStart system for example, makes the brushcutter easy to start: a slow, gentle pull on the starter cord and the engine fires up. The elongated cord grip enables the engine to be started even when on the user's back. Another practical feature is the long-life paper air filter, which is easy to reach and can thus be quickly inspected or replaced.

    Finally, making the STIHL FR 460 TC-EM an extremely practical tool, this new model has a split shaft with a handy quick-action coupling. The shaft can be quickly separated into two parts without needing tools and the upper section attached to the backpack to make carrying the machine easier, even in rough terrain. It also simplifies transport by car and saves storage space.

    The STIHL FR 460 TC-EM is fitted with a rugged quadruple grass cutting blade as standard, and a choice of alternative cutting attachments includes nylon line mowing heads, a brush knife and different grass cutting blades.

    The STIHL FR 460 TC-EM backpack is one of an extensive range of brushcutters available from STIHL. Click here for full specifications, take a tour of the range or find a specialist Approved Dealer in your area now.
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    Stihl 2-Mix???
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    The thing kicks some serious ass, I always thought that would be a good idea, and then came across this video. We can dream.
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    Hmmmmm... I am now thinking how much would it cost internationally???? I want it
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    4- Mix.

    Cost in U.S. Dollars: $1,068.00

    I wanta know what the handle thing with attachment, weighs.

    I wish they'd come out with a Kombi stump grinder attachment.
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    I don't think a stump grinder would be powerful enough, 1068 seems price but that would be sweet for hedges or trimming embankments, etc.
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    Maruyama offers a similar unit. My dealer has one on the floor. Seems to be a niche market. Good for hours of brush cutting or tall grass and weeds. Not ideal for regular trimming and seems far too clumsy to edge with. Only fellas I've heard (or read) that actually used them admitted they don't replace a regular trimmer.
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