Anyone use a turbo collection/bagger on a Ferris Zero turn?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Since, ill probably never see one "installed" at a dealer on a machine similar to mine, does anyone own a ferris zero turn 1000z/1500z/2000is/3100z anything with a 44" to 61" deck?

    Id love a few up close pictures, i also mainly want to know how long it takes to "remove" the turbo blower part from the end of the mower deck chute say if your "NOT" going to bag a lawn or need to get behind a gate.

    Im picking up a 44" deck Zero turn Ferris mower in a month, its SOLE purpose is for smaller lawns in developments/gated areas etc. It should fit behind anything with a normal size gate, anything smaller ill use my 34" walk behind for. My concern is these units i hear are 10-12" for JUST the attachment blower for the bagger... that makes my new small 44" deck an overall of at least 55-58" which again, isnt practical to use in developments again.

    If you own a ferris fast-vac turbo collection system, what did it run you?

    If I pull up, need to remove the turbo unit, go through the gate, re-install it, cut the fenced in area lawn, then remove it, go back outside the gate, then re-install it ready for the next lawn and load it on the trailer.
  2. mini14

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    save some time, money, dump fees, get a mulching kit u r defeating the purpose of that mower bagging anything....for the cost of those pos's i would buy a smaller hydro walkbehind.
  3. Drew Gemma

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    i have a is1500 52in 25hp with 3 bagger vac it is huge and expensive but the best in the area. bagger is 1900 to 2200.

    On the smaller z it is a 2 bagger I think. the vac does stick out quite far. it has to pull pins plus the belt slips off the double pully. It can be a pain because you have to wear the belt in at first it is real tight then it gets loose then you readjust the pulley thenit is tight then the belt breaks and you start all over with a new belt. I bag a lot blue and rye lawns fert and water we dump 2 times a day in spring casue it makes us extra money. In a back yard I would get a 32 36 hydro run a good blade set up and bag with a accelerator catcher dump over fence on tarp then when done flip into truck.

    We run 52 z
    52 exmark wb hd
    demoing 36 hd right now to replace old gate mower plus a 36 eliminates a 21!
  4. shop22

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    I think you will get tired real quick of having to take it on and off. It's not too hard but as stated earlier the belt is tight till it wears a little. Pricing for the two bag system is around 1700-1800 and the three bag is 2200 i think.
  5. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss LawnSite Silver Member
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    cool, thanks Maybe ill just stick to one of the accelerators for now. $400~ range i think. I still have my new 60" simplicity legacy mower deck tractor that i plan to run a pto trac vac wagon on by this fall, that way i can chop up whole acres of leaves without making 400 dumps :p

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