Anyone use a "used" uhaul box truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kemco, Apr 22, 2010.

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    We are tapped out on what our one - 3-man crew can do and I need a second truck (and a few more workers), preferrably a 12' or 14' box that can squeeze in at least 3 guys.

    Right now I can spend around $5k, I spent over $10k cash ramping up my leaf removal equipment in late october last fall and ended up having one of the slowest leaf seasons in 5 years. So in other words, funds are tight right now, sure Id love to get a new Isuzu NPR crew cab... maybe next year. Not willing to finance anything else right now, had to buy one new truck last year which I financed. Not ever sure I could get anymore financing right now anyway.

    Long story, sorry... But my question is anyone ever buy a used box truck from uhaul? I've seen them in my area as "average running condition" for under $4k. Thought Id spend another $1500 or so on paint job and some new racks. Problems,etc. Cost to paint the thing? Thanks.
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    This is my opinion but if a box tuck breaks down you're out for a few days, if a pickup breaks down and you tow a lawn trailer, it's universial. Hell I you need to you could tow it with a sedan! That's just my .02 cents
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    Supposedly they are pretty decent trucks, but most dont have the turbo, so they arent the most powerful things on the road, but for the price, why not give it a shot? Usually Uhaul will paint the box and remove all their logos and all you would have left to paint is part of the cab. Although their 17ft vans have those wheel humps in the box and it is tight between them, I would go with a F350 version and I believe its a 14ft box on those and a totally flat floor, or they have the bigger internationals.
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    I looked into it last year. And here is what I came up with. The local store had a bunch of them, they were all f-350 or Chevy 3500, some diesel some gas. The sales guy told me that the price they have them listed at is very negotiable, he has sold a lot that were listed at $3500 for $1500. They bad thing is the majority of them had rods knocking and the motors were on their last leg. But for the price, and if your mechanically inclined you could have a great truck with a rebuilt motor and new paint for under $3000-$4000. I still might go this route, but it will have to wait 'cause I don't have time right now to be tinkering with a truck.
    Here's a link for them:

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