Anyone use an SEO company?


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I am finally starting to get a digital footprint. Also my brother-in-law runs a fishing guide service so I would like to help him expand his digital footprint.
I DIY my own site on WiX. Still building it atm.

I digress so has anyone ever used a service for seo? If so how did it work out?
I DIY my own site on WiX.

I think any self-respecting SEO is going to want you to get off of Wix. Ideally get on WordPress.

I would be very careful hiring SEO services. Don't spend less than $500 per month or you're really not getting much. And if you are, it's going to plateau really quickly.

I can't give you much advise without being salesy. So I won't.

However, we did just write this piece in Landscape Management if you ever decide to run Google Ads yourself or hire it out. It's worth a read.

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