anyone use CNG?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rmmllc, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Do any of you use any vehicles with CNG? Sounds great for taxes- state and federal tax credits, and you get $.50 per mile even if actual cost is only $.08 per mile. In my state you can use the HOV lane solo, plus other incentives. I'll be the last one on earth signing on to the "man made" global warming, so I'm not as concerned about that, but low operation cost and other benefits sell me. If you use them, did you buy them or convert them?
    You can get a home fuel compressor, too- that makes it even cheaper and more available. What are your thoughts?
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    There is/was a company in Ohio that was converting Ford Crown Vics to CNG. Wouldn't mind having one as the gas at the wellhead is at 500 PSI already. :) 500 to 3000 PSI isn't that hard to do. As for the standby generator, it will be natural gas powered.
  3. rmmllc

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    You can do bi-fuel, so it runs on unleaded as well as CNG. From my research it sounds like a great option for those of us who drive a lot- just need more info on conversions, or maybe you can buy a factory new CNG bi-fuel engine and replace the existing- that way you could get resale (a little) on your existing engine, and get a new engine at the same time. Seems like it shouldn't be more than converting existing engines- less work at the factory than in the shop. And if you got a tax credit, that would about pay for the thing. I'd be putting it in an NPR, so would qualify for the larger credit (the larger the vehicle, the larger the credit). Just thinking out loud.

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