Anyone use CROSSROAD herbicide

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    I want to use a stronger weed killer on my lawn than just residential products. Has anyone used this product and have good success for majority of weeds. Thanks
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    Maybe you mean Crossbow herbicide. Actually it is not legal to use on lawns--pasture only. Cost is around $275 for 5 gal. Contains triclopyr and 2,4-d.

    You are better off with "Lesco Eliminate", or "Ortho Chickweed, Oxalis and Clover Killer"...same ingredients--smaller package size. Follow up with "Ortho Brush B Gone" if you wish. Add a surfactant to solution. Spray when weeds are young at the most susceptible stage. What kind of weeds did you have in mind?

    Better yet

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    CROSSROAD replaced crossbow or is selling as an equivalent and I was looking for something that would kill broad leaf weeds but would also kill wild violet which around here is hard to kill even though it is still considered a broadleaf
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    Crossroads is an Agristar brand by Arbaugh.

    Almost the same stuff. Crossbrow and Crossroads. Pastures and non-crop only.

    For violets, I suggest Lesco Eliminate or any lawn product containing Triclopyr. Ortho Poison Ivy Killer, for instance.

    Better yet...Drive for crabgrass actually works very well on violets. Read the label towards the end. Surfactant is still helpful.

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    Thanks so would those ones you suggested also kill most broadleaf weeds
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    I like Lesco "Eliminate" plus surfactant, costs more but works better than three-way. Everyone has their favorites. Speedzone, Momentum, Cool Power...

    Drive is used mainly for post-emergent crab grass control--but it also kills a few broadleafs--like clover and violets.

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    Thanks you very much :waving:
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    I had a customer last spring that had a couple gallons of Crossbow on hand and wanted me to spray his yard with it (several acres). I do not have any experience with it and did not want to be responsible for the results. The ester formulation scared me off as their small subdivision is surrounded by farmland with grain, tomatoes, and grapes. Also, there is a tree nursery nearby. I was concerned about off-site drift. I quoted the job with Momentum Ultra 2 but realized my mistake before making the application. I used Surge (first time) and had good results.
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    They have a supplemental label on crossroads for Broadcast Treatment of Residential, Commercial, and Recreational Turf, & Commercial Sod Farms. It is the same thing as chaser
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    Yep, you could have bought a lot of maters and grapes by using that stuff at the wrong time. Used properly its a great product on lots of woody and broadleaf plants if you don't feel like mixing your own 2.34-D and triclopyr.

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