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anyone use landdesigner 3d by sierra


LawnSite Silver Member
I use it for all my residential landscape jobs. IT is very simple to use and Provides a very real lookin finish picture. I beleave this program has helped me land many jobs because the customers love seeing there house and what it will look like after they spend there money. The program has most basic shrubs and flowers in its database and also has hardscape materials. Very good pregram and very worth the 45 bucks it costs.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have an older version, 1.1 I think. Simple to use.:)
We have this progran also,its fun to play with in the winter,I feel it is worth the money.I would love to have a ditigal camera picture of a customers house and yard,and be able to use this with this program,To show what there house will look like when finished.


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
If you have a scanner you don't need a digital camera. Just take a picture with the best still photo camera you own, get the photos developed and then use the Sierra software. It will tell you when to scan the photo.

I own this software and it's not bad but it's not the best. The price sure beats a grand for the professional software that is available. The data base of plant material is a little weak but you can drop in images from other sources and that makes all the difference. Other than that it will do plenty.

The biggest problem you will encounter is standing on a street and trying to get an entire building in the photo. My vote is to skip the digital scene and use a great 35mm still camera with a wide angle lens. This way I don't have to break the design up into pieces and can get my presentation into one photo.

I have never failed to sell the job when using Sierra.


LawnSite Fanatic
Marysville, WA
I've got Custom LandDesigner 3D 6.0. I like it. It does a pretty good job in all respects. It's alot better than paying $300-$600 for a program. That's a little expensive for me. Good luck! :)