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Anyone use less aggressive tire on Lazers???

Tyler Nash

LawnSite Member
Westerville, OH
Has anyone ever tried to use a tire with less tread on their Lazer Z. I have a Lazer Z HP and I am trearing the hell out of the grass when I turn, even when I turn both tires at the same speed at all times. I just wanted to know if anyone had any better luck with a different tire. Thanks.


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
I used a Lazer with the newer style tire last Spring and had the same problem.
My Lazer has the 23 inch tire with a less aggresive tread. I don't have too much problem tearing the grass with them.
Maybe there is a 24 inch tire similar in style.
A thread was going last week about buying tires from a company in Iowa, Cedar Rapids Tire? Very large selection.
Look there...good luck


LawnSite Senior Member
check the numerous posts in the past about this. I put ATV tires on my Bobcat Z because I wasn't getting ENOUGH traction!
Much of your dilemma may come from your driving style. Not a personal slam, but once you get the technique figured out, you can mow with ATV tires & not tear up the grass.
It's all in the turn-around. Do a search on turns & tearing up turf, etc.