Anyone use mailing lists this year?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DLS1, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. DLS1

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    How did it work out? I am talking about narrowing it down by income per household, cost of their house,etc.. Did you mail out a flyer or postcard or letter? Did you do more than one mailing? How was your results?
  2. eruuska

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    Just this evening I'm working on my list that I just got from I asked for a particular ZIP code with home values >$150k. Seems like a good list. I'll be mailing out postcards probably in February, but I'm getting the labels ready now.

    This is the second list I've purchased from them, the first was used by my wife (she's a children's portrait photographer). I'd buy from them again.
  3. DLS1

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    I am thinking about trying it next year.

    How do you go about creating the labels? I assume they send you a file that you download into Excel or some other spreadsheet? What label program are you using to create the labels from the spreadsheet?
  4. eruuska

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    I use MS Word and the Avery Wizard plug-in I downloaded from

    The list came as a comma-delimited file that I opened up with Excel. Then I saved it as an Excel worksheet (.xls format) then closed Excel. I opened Word and started the Avery Wizard, formatted the labels, and I'm off to the races.

    The neat thing about the Avery Wizard is the ability to filter and sort your results. I wanted to limit my list to a particular subdivision, so I used the filter to exclude all streets except the ones in the subdivision. Worked great.

    Another cool thing about is that this is NOT a one-time use list. I paid 1.4 cents per name, and I intend to use the list over and over.
  5. DLS1

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    Thanks for the tip about Avery.

    I couldn't tell from the site how to start selecting by zip code what you want. It is a cheap price. It looks like you can try 100 for free but I will get with them on Monday since I can't figure out how to select what I want.
  6. eruuska

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    It's not very intuitive, but fairly easy. Just send them an email to and request a price and count for the data you're looking for. Payment is kind of weird. They say they accept credit cards, but I had to send money via (sorta like PayPal) to someplace in Ho Chi Minh City. It seems shady on the surface, but I've gotten my data both times, and no strange charges have shown up on my card.
  7. rbriggs

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    We have very good luck with direct mail. We send out postcards all year long to different zip codes within our territories. We follow up with signs and door hangers in each of the zip codes after the mailings as well.
    We've had good luck with for mailing list purchases.
    I agree with ERUUSKA, you should be preparing now, during your slower season. Makes things that much easier come the late winter or early spring when you are gearing up for the on slaught of business.
    Good luck!
  8. DLS1

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    Wow big price different. infousa price per lead for 1,000 is 7.5 cents
    Worldinfodata price per lead for 1,000 is 1.4 cents.
  9. MacLawnCo

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    hmm, you get what you pay for. Think it might be higher quality data?
  10. DLS1

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    That usually is a truism but I am not so sure for mailing lists.

    If you just put the address on the mailing label and skip the name and don't put a return address then they will probably open it out of curiosity. Now if the people moved that you intended to mail it to from your mailing list then your still okay since I would have selected houses with values over lets say $250,000 for my mailing list criteria.

    House values hardly go down so I would still be mailing it to someone who has the income to pay for the $250,000 house and therefore probably afford to get their yard mowed.

    So my conclusion is it is worth it to take the chance with the 1.4 cent company for a name vs the 7.5 cent company.

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