Anyone use Pennsylvania sedge before?

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    Quite probably the wrong category, but a cross-forum search only came up with ways to kill sedge...
    We got a new request for us this weekend, on a new project: homeowner has smallish summer home in modest chalet/cabin style development here in central NH. He has 3000 sq. ft. of back and side yard, wetland down the other side, and basically crap fill and very rocky oak and beech forest topsoil remains for soil. He'd rather mow once or twice a year, and have something green and hardy and not too tall. Lawn really isn't it. His daughter just got a landscape architects degree, and suggested Pennsylvania sedge.

    We went with "hmmm, we'll have to do some research".... (Never heard of this approach, but native, natural settings and environmental is the "in" thing around here, gotta keep up with the times).

    OK - web search turns up, this stuff fits the bill very nicely - hardy to zone 3 (we're zone 4-5), grows in sun or shade, loves the company of oaks (!), grows in wet or dry, and it is actually growing wild in the lower backyard of his uphill neighbor (a mowing customer of ours as well - and the folks who recommended us). It grows to 8" and needs mowing once a year.
    Problem: supposedly doesn't take reliably from seed, and would run around $4'000 planted in nursery stock (2qt pots) for the area in question. (Spreads by seed and runners).

    Anyone plant or work with this stuff, or have a source for plug trays?
    Sorry this post is so long...
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