Anyone use Ridgid pressure washers?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Pennington Lawncare, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I found someone selling a lightly used 3,000 psi Ridgid brand pressure washer for $300 which is about $100 plus tax cheaper than new.

    It's got a Subaru engine and I have no idea how good that engine is or the pump itself. Wonder who could even work on the engine if it did have a problem. I do believe it's got a 3 year warranty so that should hopefully take care of it until I've gotten my $300 worth of use out of it. So does anyone have an opinion about this washer? Thanks much in advance.
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    I just bought one on this past weekend seems like a solid unit for small residential jobs, the reviews seem to be good on this unit. The Subaru engine should be good because some of the bigger commercial units use the same brand. I did not want to spend $1000 or better for a true commercial because I don't plan on doing that many wash jobs, my thing is lawn care. I bought it for small jobs that my lawn customers request and for personal use. I have a wash job setup for next week that will just about pay for it.
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    I bought the same ridgid 3000psi 2.6 gallon pw. The subaru engine is easy to start and not to loud. It doesn't use alot of fuel either. The 3000pw comes with a AR axial cam brass head pump. While its not a ceramic plunger cat pump in the commerical units, it still is a nice pump for homeowners. Overall I like mine as it has plenty of power to clean things around the house.
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    it should do fine for that:)
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    I agree to an extent that that machine will be OK for around the house stuff, but if you plan to clean much concrete with a little machine like that be prepared for hours and hours of back breaking work.
    Just a thought, if it would take you say, 6 hours to clean your driveway, and maybe another 5 to clean your house and a few other things, have you considered maybe just hiring a professional to clean it for you? I don't know how much 11 hours of time is worth to you, but for me it can be several thousands of $'s.
  7. That was a while back and someone beat me to that deal on that pressure washer. So I'll be on the lookout for another good deal. I didn't really plan on doing work for other people with the pressure washer on a regular basis. Maybe a sidewalk or something like that. I mainly wanted one to clean off my trailer and mower.
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    It is not a good idea to clean your mowers with a pressure washer because the high pressure forces water into places the could cause damage.
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    I have a Rigid 3000 that I purchased this past Spring. I have used it twice to clean a deck and a boat. I really thought I'd use it more than I have so I've decided to sell it for 300 dollars. The unit works fine and has less than an hour's use. Let me know if your interested. Thanks.
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