Anyone use the Scott's proline for weed control and fertilizing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Twotoros, Oct 27, 2000.

  1. Twotoros

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    I'm thinking of trying the scott's line of pro products out next season and was wondering if any of you have tried any of these products that I found on their website?
    I'll be looking at the granular products as I do not want to expand into spraying next year . I want to service my existing customer base for the time being. Scott's has both granular and liquid available. I also see they have a granular growth regulator. Wonder how it works?
  2. Skookum

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    I have used Scott's granular products. I think they are great. Almost full proof. I think it is also a big selling point, almost everyone has heard of Scott's. I use them mainly on my few residentials, but have thought about using them more on the commercial ones as well.

    When using the weed killer granular stuff, read the label for sure, but the ones I have used worked great if applied super early in the morning with a heavy dew. Most homeowners go out and put it down in the afternoon and wonder why they still have weeds. If done right, they have lawns that look like we are doing them.

    I would and have recommend Scott's to anyone that asks.
  3. John DiMartino

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    scotts is the best,because of the homoginized particles.I used Lesco fertilizer for a while-but Scotts is just so much better that I switched on some areas,on greens it is really noticable.Without homoginized,you get a flake of N-P-K in different spots,so the grass is unevenly fed-one spot is high in N-but 2 ft away it is high in P,low in N.With Scotts,the entire lawn is fed evenly and every particle has all the components in it.It is very $$$$$ to build manufacturing facilitys that can produce this fertilizer.

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  4. Twotoros

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    I know if I use the pro scott's line I will have to traval 100 miles south to the nearest dist. but if I line up enough of my customers I can get all I need for one season in a couple of trips. That will add to my cost but I need to sway my customers away from their current programs that tend to overfertilize and do a poor job to boot . That is why I am wondering about the granulars.

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