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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by LawnscapeMN, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Hi, I saw this on eBay and it is in my area/range. I wanted to get a small dump truck, but realized that with my smaller jobs I would be putting out too much money for insurance, price of truck, and gas/maintinance. So I figure I can get this and figure out the mounting on my truck, and then take it off when I dont need it/when I do need it. Also, is the 10k rating enough to get the job done? Thanks everyone!
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    Check the gross weight of your truck on the drivers door jam. Then weigh your truck at a stone yard or dump. Subtract the weight of the truck from the gross weight. That is how much weight you can legally carry. Now subtract the weight of the dumper and all of its components. That is how much weight you can put in the dump. It won't be much.

    If you want to dump light weight stuff, it could work for you. Most likely, you want to carry soil, fill, and waste material. It probably won't hold enough. ... not legally, anyway. Law enforcement tends to crack down on overweight light duty trucks from time to time.
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    That's a pretty fair price for that unit. It's hard to find those dump bed inserts used. I contacted Maxi Dump (and about 5 other manufactures). That unit retails for around $2850. The smaller one is around $2300. If it wasn't so far away and if it wasn't for a short bed truck, I would have already hit the "Buy it Now" button. You can always get some air springs for your truck to help with the added weight.

    Good luck,

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