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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CK82, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I know this has been talked about before of the pro's and con's of using an accountant versus doing it yourself using a software program. I bought Turbo Tax Business about 6months ago it says it can be used for LLC's which my company is. I currently have 0 employees and have a seperate account for business expenses. I'm looking for some comments and suggestions here about the program and whether I should just pay my accountant $100/$150 to prepare my taxes. Any words of wisdom will help.

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    If you have an "accountant" instead of a CPA, then use the TT software because that or a version of it is all an "accountant" will use and they probably have no more training in it then Joe Anybody. If you have a CPA and he only wants $100-$150 use him as that is a deal, even though TT is easy to use and your taxes shouold be easy also. Still like I said for that little bit of money if he/she is a CPA give it to them. An "accountant" no way though. You see anybody can call themselves an "accountant" and they are not regulated and don't have to have any formal education whatsoever in finance. Now some do have , but must do not. On the other hand a CPA is formally trained in finance, and is legally tesed and certified by the there is a HUGE difference in an accountant and a CPA.

    Also should you decide to use TT, in your case it would be very easy to use and as a whole is such an easy to follow program that even BobbyGedd could figure it out.

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