Anyone use "Turf Paint" during off season?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TurfPro, Dec 9, 2003.

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    I'm running out of time to get all my overseeding done(although the soil temp is still 55-60*) and am considering "Lawnger" brand turf paint instead. I've seen it used on athletic fields and such on T.V. but not in person.
    Question: If you've used it, how easy was it to get a nice even application (no streaking) and (2) was it realistic?

  2. Black Water

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    Do a search for," Grass paint anyone?".;)

    I don't know how to post the link.:dizzy: Hope this helps.
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    We used the Lesco brand turf paint this summer when we had a few areas we sprayed with round-up leach out along buildings due to unexpected heavy rain soon after. I thought it looked extremely fake- too blue. It did make the damage look less evident from a distance, but up close I though it was very obvious. Be careful not to spray anything but the grass because it is actually paint, not a dye. As to the application, we used a backpack sprayer, I would assume that since it is a paint and you can see exactly where it goes, that you should have no problems with streaking. Good Luck
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    Hey turfpro, I did my last overseeding Nov 19 and it came up pretty nice. How late in the year do you go?
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    I'm right on the zone 7b-8a border, so that would change things in comparing Seed Dates between our 2 respective areas,,,I tend to plant according to Soil Temp ,,if at all possible. In my area I like to have my overseed ( Rye)down before the soil temp gets below 60-65*....this year was a pain cuz it went straight from high 80's (air temp) to 50's ,then 40's within a week. Unfortunately the healthy Bermuda lawns I take care of can sustain ,even thrive,in those temps(80's-50's),,,at least well enough to choke-out the Rye Seedlings,,so you can see that the "window of opportunity" was VERY narrow for me this year... hence the "Turf Paint":dizzy:
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    Yep...greenlawnger. I hate overseeding.
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    Thanks Team Gopher, we appreciate your support of this forum.

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