Anyone used Scott's products?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Cleve, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. Cleve

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    I posted this in the commercial forum but I guess nobody there applies fertilizer or any chemicals.
    Scotts has approached one of my customers and offered to do applications on a yearly contract ($6--700) or so without aeration or seeding.
    He doesn't want them to do it and wants me to consider using their products and doing it.
    I don't mind but have never used Scotts for anything. Used lots of Lebanon over the years and happy with it. But, of course I want to please him.
    I'm sure their stuff is good (and expensive).
    Has anyone here any experience with their stuff?
    I do know from their website that some of the better products are only available from "pro products distributors" and have no idea where to look.
    Any info welcome. Thanks.
  2. Forever Green Lawn

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    I'm not sure either where to get Scott's commercial fertilizer, but it's no better than Lesco, UHS or Lebanon. It's all in the analysis and the % and type of slow release N. Their web site may have a number you can call to find a local distributor. Sorry I can be of more help!

  3. Skookum

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    I slightly disagree with your statement. Each company has their own quality control and processing methods. Even products that are bagged at the same facility are different sometimes and sometimes they are not.

    I do believe that Scott's products have a slightly higher quality product. It may not be enough for most people, but I do believe it does exsist.

    Example would be in their grass seeds vs another company. You can see the results in that much easier than just fertilizer. But I tend to believe a company will follow through with qaulity on all products, not just one.

  4. greengeezer

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    Skookum's right on the money. Good fertilizer is screened better to remove dust and clumps. Cheap fertilizer does you no good if it can't spread out of the spreader.

    Scott's the fertilizer maker sold their commercial side of the biz to the Anderson's last year in order to focus on the retail biz and the European markets. This was after they bought into the lawn service market. The lawn services can use other venders for products if they want from what I've heard. I'm glad they got out of the commercial biz. How would you like it if your supplier is also your competitor.

    The Anderson's deal was good for them because it gave them access to Pendimethalin and also a good poly coated sulfer coat for slow release.
  5. grassfreak

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    we use scotts with pendamethalin and i had great luck with it and i use thier best spreader and like it much more than the lesco i have. but anuyway, i do like the scotts products, i am trying new products from other companies now, i am using a supplier this year for more of my stuff cause it it right here in town. That is UHS and they have a web site i believe. The site does not tell you that they carry many many products. Just have to contact a supplier and they can get it shipped to you quick. I tell you i do not like howard johnsons with merit and fert. that stuff just does not freakin spread without clogging the spreader really bad.
  6. turfsurfer

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    For those of you using Scotts are you in fact using their Pro line now owned by Andersons? If so, is it much different from their consumer line that is so fine and clumps really badly? What about pricing for the pro line stuff?
  7. Skookum

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    I used their retail consumer brand on just a few upscale yards in the years past. I only needed a few bags a year and we do not have a commercial wholesaler here in town.

    I do know that one LCO here only uses Scott's Pro products.

    My fert accounts right now are full maintenance accounts where I do not need the Scott's quality. I get my product from Terra, Land o' Lakes, in Indianapolis. I do not know if they carry any Scott's Pro or not, But I do know that I have seen it at our local Lowes.

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