Anyone useing JD Quik-Traks?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Watkinslawnservice, May 14, 2005.

  1. Watkinslawnservice

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    Is anyone out there using John Deere Quik-Trak Stander type mowers? I am thinking of getting something like this or a Wright. I Usually buy brands based on dealer location and since I have a John Deere dealer right in my town it would make sense for me. I was just wonderinf if anyone is using them and what they think of them. Any big differences between this and the wrights? I am specifically looking at the 657A model 23 hp 54 inch deck. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rookiemower

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    watkins one huge difference is in the decks. Wright is a fixed deck and the john deere is a floating deck. Personally after seeing them both in person i'd go with the wright. The john deere is basically a great dane stander with a different deck. :waving:
  3. Rougher83

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    I have been cutting with a 647 (19hp/48") since March...and I have to say I love the manuverability/agility of this unit. The 7-iron deck leaves a beautiful cut. The only downside with my Quik-trak ('04 model) is that you have to dismount to adjust the deck lever on each side of deck for adjustment. The new ('05) models have a single deck height adjustment lever which is accessible from the operating need to dismount. I did look at and consider a great dane stander before going with the deere...but was more impressed with the the dealer support was way more impressive with JD. Just my opinion...but I would go with the deere.
  4. Precision

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    price the Great dane and Deere. They are basically the same thing. Manueverablity of the standers is great.

    If you can deal with a fixed deck, then the wrights are a good machine. Becareful of their mulching deck. I demoed one and it stunk bad.

    Deere (and Great Dane) are both owned by Deere, so you are stuck with their inability to supply parts in a timely manner. At least that is what happens around here. Always needs ordered and ordering usually takes 2 WEEKS.

    I liked the cut on the Deere we used, but didn't like the amount of down time we had and they were well maintained and with under 800 hours. Safety parts and electrical components were usually the culprits.
  5. SproulsLawnCare

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    This probably has more to do with location than the company. In Indiana/Illinois, we are predominately farm country. Getting most parts for JD lawn equipment is usually a matter of walking into the dealer and leaving with the part. Only the major parts are likely to have to be ordered, and then it usually takes just a few days to get them in.
  6. DLCS

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    Also, it has alot to do with the dealer not wanting to pay extra shipping freight. If I'm in a hurry for a part, my dealer can usually get it by 9:00am the next day. This quick service costs HIM more money, since according to Deere the dealer is required to pay the faster shipping costs, if the customer needs parts in a hurry. Most of the time my dealer has the parts in stock. But I know being in Florida, parts would take longer to get but 2 weeks, now thats a dealer problem. Sounds like he is waiting until he gets a larger order to save on shipping.
  7. DLCS

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    So, which one do you own or have used for any length of time?


    Make sure you demo each one. Deere has made some changes to the 05 standers, might be worth checking out.
  8. Watkinslawnservice

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    Thanks for the info guys. I don't think parts availability would be a problem here either. I live deep in the heart of farm country and have one of the better JD dealers in the state right here in my town. I was told that any part I would need is always only a day away. I will probably try them both but the nearest Wright dealer is over 30 miles away and the JD dealer is about a mile or less from my house. I am still not ruling out the possibility of getting a ZTR instead but I am thinking a stander would be more efficient for what I do.

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