Anyone uses Service CEO or Lawn manager pro

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GotGreen, Dec 20, 2006.

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    Lawn manager pro and Service CEO

    Have the demo for Lawn Manager Pro and seen the video for Service CEO, no demo, but got their book for dummies.

    LMP seems like a powerful product although looks like you need a lot of browsing browsing to get to different screens. Good price. $899 for 2 stations (I only need one).

    Service CEO looks to be on the level of other well known products like Clip and Lawn Assistant (no personal experience with those programs) with out having to pay for extra modules for extra tasks. It synchronizes with QuickBooks and MapPoint. About the same price but with a limit of 8 costumers per day or a little over $2k for an unlimited costumers version.

    I am looking to get out of creating and printing invoices on one program and create and keep a manual schedule every week out of my database. Also have a demo for Lawnskeeper but that software seems somehow limited and I will hate to spend the money and then have to upgrade to something else later on.

    Does anyone uses any of these? If you do what is your opinion. Thanks.

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