Anyone using a Barcode Time Manger?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PerfiCut L&L, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I've been looking at some ways to accurately track our employees' times and productivity, and ran across a bar code scanner system. My initial company contact quoted me a price of $3500 but after searching a bit I found the same setup with less restriction at a fraction of the price.

    From what I understand, you assign & print barcodes for everything, from emplyees, projects & tasks, to materials. Setup correctly it will allow you scan track your emplyees times from start to finish, what material and how much was used on a job, and which job that material was used on. Seems to be flexible, simple and yet powerful. Good for a small company to grow into.

    Is anyone using this or something similar. What are your thoughts on it?

    Our initial purpose was to track payroll. Time in, time out. But come to find out, you can easly print out our lawn maintenance schedule for the day with each customer having their own barcode. When the crew gets to the first stop, they simply scan the bar code, and again when the finish. Later you download the data and instantly you have accurate times as to when they arrived and when the left. No more, ooops I forgot to write down the time we left.... or I think it was about 3:15 or so and it took us about 20 mins to do it. Not to mention the time it take to document everything.

    You can also break large jobs into smaller tasks. For example our hardscape crews. Our tasks for pavers generally are broken into setup and prep, excavation, base installation, wall/patio installation, cuts, and cleanup. Few others as well but these are the main catagories. THis way we can track our efficiency for each. With this barcode system, the foreman can have their daly task / time sheets, and all it takes is a quick scan of the excavation start and finish bar codes accordingly. Seems painless yet accurate.

    Heres the link to one of the systems we are considering.
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    we are also considering the same sort of package.

    I do have one different suggestion.
    we will laminate a bar code specific to each regular customer and attach it to the customers house in an out of the way place. This will stop just from just scanning the code on their notebook. It will add further proof that your crew was actually on their property.
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    That's not a bad idea, I may have to consider doing something similar. We were going to issure everyone an id which has their personal barcode on it for payroll purposes.

    Your suggestion is good to ensure they atleast stop by the properties their suppose to.

    Which product are you considering? we're still looking around and only have two to compare so far.

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