Anyone using a Kubota B7510 ?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by JFCizek II, Aug 19, 2004.

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    :confused: Is there anyone out there using a Kubota B 7510 / with a 54'' deck and the bar turf tires ? This is the third Kubota that I have set up like this . In my area [ north central Pa. , Potter Co. to be exact] we have a lot of hills , steep banks and very rough areas. I also have a Kubota B 7200 set up the same way with a 60'' deck and a Kubota Zero turn ZD 21. I am getting back into mowing after about a 10 year break . I also use Sthil trimmers and have just bought a FS 55 RC and a FS 85 RX . Any comments ????
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    I got a B7500 (older verison on B7510) I have turf tires on my tractor and the 60" MMM deck. But the guy about a mile from me has bar tires (R4) on his B7500 and only used it to cut the grass with a 60" MMM deck. Does very little damage. I have seen a couple other B7510 and B7610 with the new bar turfs. I might buy a set, to get better traction, but with out destroying customers lawns.

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