Anyone Using ACES II Diesel Additive

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lawnjockey51, Jan 3, 2006.

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    my ford dealer tells me new deisel fuel lacks lubrication and burns out expensive fuel pumps,id like to find an additive that adresses this problem specifically for small engines .i allready know what to do for my 7.3 L truck.anyone?
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    Hi. just my 2 cents here. We have tried many "additives" and then discovered aces. We see the best performance out of it and like it because it is not just one thing. It boosts, cleans and lubricates all together and we notice better cold starts. We were getting a little tired of the individual purposed and "marketed" stuff and found the ROI was not with individual applications. (FYI, never waste your time on an additive from the engine manufacturer) Plus using many types was too heavy on the admin side.

    We too, had a conversation with the owner, but he's a chemist and engineer and loves to talk and talk about the tech stuff. He really does not know how to brand and market products, and actually really does not care. You can go look at the web site to see that (they hired some lame company to do some work and they actually just took it down and put a stupid under construction note up with NO other info - who does that anymore?). So you can see he is not too savvy. But, the stuff works very well and also found out that he really does not care about small orders and customers. I hear he generally sells to large corporations (like Fedex and UPS etc) by the drum only. I think some companies actually contractually have it put into their gas supply systems by the oil companies before taking their gas deliveries.

    Although high, for us the cost is irrelevant because we save more than that on fuel economy alone. I believe our mix is 10ml:200litres

    Try it out, make your own judgement. Most have not heard of it because you are probably hanging out in retail stores and not focused on true commercial brands and usage. Everyone wants the cheap stuff :), us too..

    But I find it odd that you think its negative because you talked tech with an owner of a company.

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