Anyone using battery pack hand held equipment?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Myk, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Myk

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    Hey guys, we are a Lawn & Landscape company in business over 10 years. We run all gas powered equipment (string, hedge trimmers, blowers, chainsaws ect.) We never used battery landscape equipment before and are curious of anyone's input that does. I'm not looking for an argument that gas is better believe me I really think gas is better in some areas other areas I'm willing to check out the battery equipment.
    What I'm looking at doing is purchasing one brand of battery pack equipment so we stick with one set of batteries so if we expand out into more battery equipment we already have the juice for it. Our plan is to invest in just a hedge trimmer to see if this is worth it to us, if it is we will then invest in other equipment as needed. The ones that have stuck out to me have been GreenWorks and Husquvarna.. I'm sure there is plenty more out there that's why I'm asking, but looking for commercial grade that does a great job and good battery life with all its equipment.
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  2. Darryl G

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    I've just got a little B & D hedge trimmer I keep in my truck tool box. Well that and my cell phone :)
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  3. josh_kennon

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    lol no way battery equipment is for robots
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  4. windflower

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    been using echo and cobalt cordless tools for 2 years now. good for light duty, single operator crew. batteries won't make it through the day if tool is in constant use. not enough torque for anything but light jobs. have used 8 batteries in a single day at times. I do like the electric tools, quiet and no fumes, but in a hurry the gas versions get used.
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  5. Tim F

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    I use echo battery powered equipment mower, trimmer, and blower, when conditions are dry. I use gas when wet are heavy duty jobs. I would say 70% battery operated during the year. Need 6 58v 4. Ah batteries to get through the day.
  6. HortGuy1

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    Greenworks has an 80volt line that works well, lithium batteries so they run full throttle until they are dead. You won't get much more than an hour of run time out of a battery, but the instant start in cold weather, adjustable speed, and not worrying about some ding-dong using straight gas instead of mix is nice.
  7. Kick Gas Lawn Care

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    I'm going into my fourth year operating with no gas. I use a 6x10 trailer with 4 265w solar panels, deep cycle batteries and a 10,000 watt inverter. I use the full line of Husqvarna 30v equipment minus the mower. I use the echo 58v mower (only because Husqvarna hasn't put out a better mover...yet) The Husqvarna equipment is awesome. I can use it in the rain unlike any other brand out there. I have three 29 Ah battery backpacks for fall clean up and haven't had any problems. I haven't spent a dime on gas other than my truck.

  8. HortGuy1

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    Nice video, thanks for sharing. Never heard of a trimmer head that reversed direction before!
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  9. Velo781

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    I'm all battery powered, almost a year now. I wouldn't be in this business if I had to use gas. It's just do much more enjoyable with electric. I use greenworks 80v mower trimmer and blower. Power is plenty 98℅ of the time. Some downsides I noticed see that they don't have a high lift blade for the mower, so it's harder to suck leaves out of grass and some droopy grass blades don't get cut always. Suction takes energy, so no surprise but I'd like the option when needed. I'm solo and never run out of battery. I have 4 stock 2ah packs and for the mower I run a couple custom larger batteries.
    The other thing I wish they would make is a 40" walk behind. Instead I'm building my own.
    I have a 36v black n Decker hedge trimmer. Started off with the 36 weed trimmer but hate the 'auto' feed and well it's homeowner grade. It got the job done but eventually burned out in the 105 degree heat doing tough edging. The greenworks 80v kicks butt though. The model with the bottom mount motor. The other one that is attachment capable is heavier, vibrates more, less efficient and doesn't spin as fast or variable speed. I think it's the best tool to try out for those looking to test the waters. Super quiet and lots of power. The 80v handheld blower is pretty good, just not ideal for big leaf jobs as it tires out your wrist. 550cfm. The mower never bogs down and is really efficient. Way better than the old brushed mowers that ran at only one speed. I spend about 13 cents in electricity for a full day of work (10-12 jobs). The peace and quiet is where it's at though.

    Battery tools aren't what they used to be. If you get the good stuff.
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    I'm all gas. No way you could convince me to change. I suppose if every job you do is on a nice small well kept city lawn it may be ok. I'm in a rural area and at least once a day we end up trimming areas of overgrown vines or tall weeds.We have 3 large cemeterys on a biweekly schedule that has a ton of trimming. We also end up doing a lot of ponds. If the trimmer can't pull a blade its not going to work for us. To me its unprofessional to use battery operated equipment.
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