Anyone using battery pack hand held equipment?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Myk, Jan 1, 2017.

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    This has been an interesting discussion. I considered buying some electric trimmers for this season but did not yet since a lot of our properties are large and many biweekly. I am waiting until run times and actual torque are a bit more equivalent to gas powered units.
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    DEWALT specifically designed the DCCS620 20V MAX compact cordless chainsaw as a versatile option for tree work and cutting timbers. According to the company, the chainsaw delivers:

    • A 12-inch Oregon bar and chain that offers low-kickback cutting in compact spaces, as well as tool-free tensioning and auto-oiling.
    • The ability to achieve up to 90 cuts per charge using a 20V MAX 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery on 4- by 4-inch pressure-treated pine wood.
    • The convenience of starting the chainsaw with the pull of the trigger, eliminating the cold starts and carburetor issues that come with gas-powered chainsaws.
    • A weight of 9 pounds, which is optimal for small cuts in tight spaces.
    • An efficient brushless motor.
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    Good points all for the Dewalt 20V 5.0 ah-I use them in their 22 inch hedge trimmer and blower. I get long run times-I've trimmed 150 plus ornamentals on one charge and the blower goes for at least one hour in total (though I've never run it continuously). I use a CORE 21 V line trimmer for personal and business use (mostly edging and cleaning valve box perimeters) and get a decent run time out of it but it is 3 years old and the power cell is like hefting two bricks. As the cells improve the industry should start to see the light-you can't beat the comfort of no oil/gas mixing, pulling cords and the lack of fumes.
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    Amazon has Gold Box deals going on today with the Greenworks 80v handhelds. $119 for a trimmer with battery and charger. $60 blower. I picked up some extras.
    This is when you buy. Way cheaper than gas equipment and plenty good for city lots.
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    Checked it out-deals are legit. Guys-great opportunity to try battery products on the cheap. The blower is $60 alone or $169 with battery/ charger and this gives you the extra battery. It does 125 mph and 500 cfm. Great for grab and go, blow and trim. Try it-you'll like it!
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