Anyone using biodiesel in a machine or truck?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by swanny, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. badbart

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    One of the properties of bio-diesel is that it INCREASES lubrication of all fuel related components. Whatever diesel shop told you otherwise is probably either dishonest, or just doesn't know what they're talking about. I ran B20 in my 98 C2500 for years without any problems (other than changing fuel filters more frequently at first). The injection pump was changed at 96K miles, well before I started the B20. It now has 237K miles, still running strong. I don't use bio any longer, only due to no availability. We use red diesel on the farm on all the equipment, not the trucks. It's about .50 cheaper than on-road diesel, so keep that in mind when buying mowers. Our JD 997 sips fuel compared to the Kawasaki's on the smaller mowers we've used. Also, be advised, the new (2011) Ford diesels (F250-F350) are certified to use B20.
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    I"ve been making my own bio for 5 years now, and running it at 90% in two of my duramaxs and one of my 6.5 turbo diesels....have never had any problems at all. it all depends on how you make it i went to school for a week on how to properly make bio from one of the leading experts that sets up the constant flow bio plants around the world.
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    What are you making it out of?
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    Incredible amount of bad info in this thread! Some good as well. Good luck sorting it out!
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    I run B100 made from a reputable company (very high quality) in my Kubota ZD221. Never had any problems and with regular maintenance, it's been nothing but reliable. It's all about fuel quality when considering running bio-fuels.

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