anyone using CNG trucks?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Surferbum21, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I am looking at starting to convert all trucks over to CNG. not actually pay to convert but buy used or new CNG trucks. Would cut my fuel costs significantly. Found a 2005 Chevy 2500 with 75,000 miles for $18,500 and comes with $1500 tax credit. Was wondering if anyone in here uses them and what their thoughts are on them. Currently run an '08 F-250 diesel and a '04 chevy 2500. diesel is honestly overkill for what I pull daily but will likely need a diesel in near future when I get into heavier machinery
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    I was kinda wondering about propane powered vehicles myself
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    I have purchased a cng truck back in November of 2012. Replaced older f450 with newer e450. I do construction and lawn care, replaced my construction truck. Saving will be around 3k a year for me. So far love it 1$ a gallon is just dang good. There are other benefits as in oil changes are less often. Good luck.
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    where do you fill them up? havent seen any around here except city buses
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