Anyone using Go iLawn?


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Palmetto, GA
I'm into my 3rd trial on my 3rd email address to get the hang of the software. I bid by the square footage usually, so it seems like the right program for me...

What I'm wondering is if any of you use it to create your marketing with? I'm planning on using it this winter to measure and file information by the neighborhood, address, and city. The cool thing about the program is that you can measure everything near the search that you make, and sometimes the entire neighborhood while only being charged one search. I'm going to do a drive through the neighborhoods to document the adresses and which number the house is from the intersection of other streets for reference. I'm then going to either mail out or door knock with detailed proposal for 5 of our services that I can bid with the square footage.

Any thoughts????


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Charlotte, NC
I have used it and love it. I do that for the neighbors of new clients not whole hoods. There is thread on here somewhere where the guy did just that. For properties out of my normal route or during aeration season it was great. Much cheaper than gas and my time
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