Anyone using Kee(Trailmate)Mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by batdaddy044, Apr 26, 2005.

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    I have , over the past 10 years,run 2 Kee mowers,the first being a DD24 model , featuring a 5hp B&S I/C Quantum (push/direct drive) , that my employee at the time,conveniently hit a stump with,Bye,bye engine.It had 2 bicycle type rear wheels and a single swivel front wheel.That too, eventually met its match.I can honestly say that I hated that machine.

    9 years later, I purchased a Kee KC24 (Honda-push/belt drive blade)2nd
    hand . I service numerous lawns in a bedroom community of largely Victorian
    homes , with their (usually gated )small lawns.It sq-u-eee-zes thru the gates:(we are talking about circa 1880's homes) and does a nice job.

    After many months of fine service from my KC24, I ordered from Hoffco,
    (they bought Kee fromTrailmate in 2004), A self-propel kit for this mower.
    I installed the ratchet/friction(rear-wheel)drive ,only to use it for , maybe 2 months, and have the drivebelt fly off.I found numerous bolts and screws that had come loose over time ,and I will now have to replace the spindle ,as well as the crankshaft pulley .

    In summary,the Kee mower is an economical , capable piece of equipment for the small LCO.but if you purchace one of their machines ,tighten EVERY nut and bolt.(You should do this with every machine!)

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