Anyone using only specticle spring and fall

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by c-bass, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. c-bass

    c-bass LawnSite Member
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    I am considering trying a season with specticle in spring.
    This will be on Bermuda and zoysia turf.

    Are you doing fall split and spring split, or going 6-8 oz/A one time? Say September and February.

    Are you doing simizine too? Any additional spring pre? Dimension for more broadleaf?

    Cost is not a concern, just looking for minimal spot spraying through summer.
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  2. ted putnam

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    Late Crabgrass was my biggest pain this season. I am doing Fall and Spring specticle. Not sure exactly what rate I'll use come Spring. Presently using 2/3 max rate of Princep. As far as Specticle. I believe maximum annual rate is 18 oz/acre. I doubt I even come close to that. Will probably be using a dry fert/ barricade combo R-2 next season as well.
  3. ETM

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    We are thinking of going fall and spring. We are on the tail end of our fall split of 4 & 4. Might do a few in the spring to see what happens. If we have any left over.
  4. grassmasterswilson

    grassmasterswilson LawnSite Fanatic
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    I’m doing late summe/fall split app of 4 and 4.

    I wonder how long that will last into spring. A good late spring/early summer specticle app may be good for the dove weed that is showing up a lot.
  5. c-bass

    c-bass LawnSite Member
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    I did 6 oz/A in September. Thinking of doing 8 in February or a 4/4 split and follow up with dimension in April/May.

    I’m relatively new to the scheduled application programs and had a lot of spot spraying this year on new accounts that I am fairly certain were hit with prodiamine in spring by previous companies. I would rather spend the money on the front end then chase weeds all summer. Just not sure if specticle alone is enough for some of the broadleaf i will encounter.
  6. ETM

    ETM LawnSite Bronze Member
    from GEORGIA
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    It is amazing. Last yr we did a handful of accounts and had great results. Those accounts had zero issues. Where we did a full 8oz rate we had some issues. The 4 & 4 was the best results. We did some with a 4oz Specticle followed by a split of prodimine and those were a failure.
  7. brizine

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    I would be very careful with the amounts of Specticle you apply. It (Indaziflam) is a ground sterilant. The Specticle label lists 9-18.5 oz per acre for bare ground control. Repeated use of high rates of specticle will leave you with some damaged yards. It has a very long residual, and in my experience will build up in the soil. It also has high mobility in the soil, meaning it will run to the low spot in the lawn and concentrate there. It is a severe root pruner. Coarse sandy soils are especially vulnerable. It is a very good pre, but respect it and don't abuse it. I would never apply more than 3oz per acre at any one time. Use split apps to lessen your chances of damage. Use it carefully and enjoy some of the best weed control you have ever seen.
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  8. ted putnam

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    I have been told likewise...Thumbs Up
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  9. greendoctor

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    It is also not good on poorly drained soils with a high water table. Grass roots in those soils are not deep enough to escape damage. Also remember that our warm season grasses need roots on their stolons to sustain themselves. As for me, I only will use Specticle on Zoysia that has been there for more than one year. Never on Zoysia with disease or nematode problems either.
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  10. Jscoop

    Jscoop LawnSite Member
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    I’ve been using specticle since 2012. Bayer has recommendations based on soil composition. Sandy soils recommend 3 oz per acre and 3 sequential apps. I have a lot of clay and have gone 4.5 per acre. This spring I’m going to try 1.5 ounces every 40 days until I get to 9 oz total.

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