Anyone using oregon blade spindles?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tony b, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Greg78

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    I was wrong about the OEM Exmark spindles they do come packed with grease. I just went out to the shop and looked and sure enough it was stamped "Oregon". I was almost 100% sure the spindle came in an Exmark box!!!
  2. tony b

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    I don't buy anything from my local dealers anymore except stihl trimmers and toro 21's. I bought 4 shindaiwa 802's last yr from Wise Sales and saved $460. I usually buy all my exmark's bank repo with very low hrs or someone who doesn't want to make the payment anymore (no I don't take over payments). I understand my local dealer only buys so much and pay a higher price etc. etc. but that doesn't feed my family or my 401k. If my dealer wants $81 for a spindle I can buy for $40 without leaving the house ($4 a gal gas) then I'm a fool for giving him my business. About 5 yrs ago I finally wised up to a few things. I just wish it wouldn't have taken me 15 yrs of getting screwed over to get there. Anyway if your dealer is charging exmark retail for aftermarket parts I would start buying online unless you have to have it "yesterday". Just my .02
  3. Greg78

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    I purchase almost exclusively online.
  4. clydebusa

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    ^^^^ same here ^^^^^^^
  5. 123hotdog

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    I rebuild my spindles with aftermarket bearings. Cheap. Ten bucks a spindle for a Great Dane and a little more for a Scag. Those damn factory spindles with no grease fittings; well I have a trick for them. I drill out a hole in the housing, thread it, and put a grease fitting in it. I haven't bought an entire spindle assembly in five years or so. I'm no accomplished mechanic either.
  6. Greyst1

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    I would add Ferris to the list, Ferris clearly being #1.

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