Anyone Using ProLockers

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Jake's Lawn Service

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I don't understand that if you have multipe mowers and you want to get the mower closest to the front out, you would then have to stagger the mower over the prolocker.


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Jake's Lawn Service said:
I don't understand that if you have multipe mowers and you want to get the mower closest to the front out, you would then have to stagger the mower over the prolocker.
Your making it way too complicated. I have 2 mowers on my trailer and just slide it out of the way. Slide it back in place when I'm ready and it locks. Some times with the weight of the mower the holes don't want to line up and lock. I think the inside hole should be drilled out a little oversize to allow for the misalignment. It's not a major problem and I would not let it stop me from buying another one. I think it's a great product and has paid for it's self. My wife installed it for me.


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Are these units made to work only with ZTR type mowers, or could you use them with lawn and garden tractors also (Murray, Craftsman, MTD etc.)

Looking at it, it doesn't look like it would be able to lock over a front wheel on a regular mower without the axle getting in the way.

Also, how does this hold the mower down to the trailer in the event you hit a decent bump that causes the mower to bounce. Will it bounce out of the Pro Locker?

If a person is currently using a ratchet strap, it's easy to see how going over the mower and then cranking down on the strap makes the unit almost "one with the trailer" and doesn't allow it to bounce around.

I know a guy that would love something like this if it works with regular mowers to keep from having to take the extra time to strap them down. I'll have to help him look into these depending on the answers.


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You can use them from anything from a w/b mower to a full sized z turn to a 4 wheeler.( 3 different sizes) I think they go up to a 14" tire. I saw them on a site for $139.00 usually they are around $200.00 each.


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I love mine!!!!!


Jensen Beach FL
Hi Guys

Thanks for comments, and questions

Hopefully I can answer a few questions here.

1st with the holes being snug that is what is needed so that when you hit a bump it cant come out of the hole and causing the ProLocker not to function right. If you are having trouble getting the Pin to go into the hole try taking a screw driver or something and scraping a little bit of the PAINT out of the hole

The Yellow ProLockers are powder coated and sometimes when power coating the oles tend to get a lil thicker paint than the rest

As far as will it fit a regular mower, that all depends on the tire size and the clearence for the wheel.

The ProLockers are designed to give you full coverage when hauling equipment and 240 degrees of your tire is covered meaning that your mower no mattter how hard you try will go Forward, Backward side to side or up and down there fore if installed correctly and used correctly it should never bounce out of the ProLocker (however RxR track jumping isnt reccomened or legal anyway)

Now as far as the weight of your mower the ProLocker is listed at 1500 pounds which means if the equipment you are strapping is over 1500 pounds you will need 2 Prolockers.

If there is anymore questions please let me know and be sure to go to our forum