Anyone using QR codes?


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sudbury ontario
I dont know how we can use them on the work we do ,but I have used them on materials I have purchased ,but so far I have not found any info that wasn't already on the box .


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Just started to use them. I ordered new business cards, door hangers, yard signs, and decals to ad to my trucks. I was surprised how many print shops that I was shopping for price had no clue of what a QR code was. I see a tremendous advantage to use them in this lazy, smart phone info seeking world. I have the code directed to my web page which is another thing today's society demands. It's great low cost advertising.:usflag:


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yeah but isn't your website already on the front of the business card? i guess it would help them get there right away on their phone though. i dunno i don't even have a website. :laugh: i do have a free facebook page though for my business which is basically the same thing. :D