Anyone using sulky with older Walk Behind Mower with Variable Belt Gearbox?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mike90lx, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. mike90lx

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    I was looking to see if anyone is using a sulky with an older walk behind mower that used the variable belt gear box. I have a 1990 Snapper 36" walk-behind that I bought when it was about 5 years old and used a sulky for about a week before the gears got stripped out in the transmission. I'm unsure if the using the sulky caused it or if the transmission was just worn-out when I bought it. I replaced the transmission and never tried the sulky again.

    If anyone has used a sulky with these types of transmissions I would love to know. Thanks. Below is a link for the type of transmission I'm referring to. Seems these transmission were used on several different makes of mowers.
  2. chesterlawn

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    Yea, years ago I had a Goodall with that kind of transmission.I used a sulky all the time with no problem and I weigh 220. I carried belt dressing with me, because every once in a while the belts would start to slip, I would give them a quick shot and they would be like new.
  3. DT Lawn Care

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    Oh yea, you can use a sulky 4sho on a belt. I haven't ever seen somebody say that you can't, though a lot of people ask. I have used them on all of my WBs, they're all belt, no problems at all, they pull great. Saves a lot of walking and energy.
  4. demhustler

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    what belt dressing?
  5. mngreenguy

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    belt dressing comes in a can you spray it on the belt to prevent slipping

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