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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I saw that palm and I thought that Jim must have taken the photo when he was on vacation in the south. I wasn't acquainted with the trachycarpus until now. So I went scurrying for my etymological dictionary. "Rough fruit" ? Does that palm get fruit?
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    Trachycarpus fortunei, Chusan palm or Chinese windmill palm... Goes by many names. One of the hardiest trunked palm varieties on the planet. It may fruit in more southernly climates but never in zone 6-7 that I saw.
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    No. That's not true. They produce fruit around here when they get mature enough and if they are happy. There are many around town that have the beautiful yellow fruit stuff hanging from just under the frawns. I'll take some photos of some as I see them in the next few weeks.

    Palms aren't super popular around here because they don't really fit in with the NW planting scheme very well. But there are a few varieties that do grow up here. The Windmill Palm and the Mexican Fan Palm are the two most common around here. I know one guy who has a really nice big Blue Palm. Some in the Portland area are upwards of 25-30' tall even. But most are in the 5-12' range.

    You can't grow them everywhere in your landscape. They need to be protected from cold winter winds. So in the corner of a house where they are protected on two sides is a great place to plant one around here.

    All of the McDonald's in the SW Portland / Beaverton / Washington County area were all landscaped by one of my competitors who loves the tropical look. So all of those McDonald's restaurants have half a dozen good sized windmill palms and at least as many Italian Cypress as well (which also aren't very common around here, because they're problematic.) They've done a really good job of making each of the McDonald's around here look almost like California. And these guys do a really nice job of keeping the palms really happy and the Italian Cypress sheared very tightly so the can resist damage from the heavy rain, wind and occasional snow.

    I wish we could grow Queen Palms and King Palms here. I'm still waiting for all the global warming to start kicking in so that Oregon can be more like California! But that damm AlGore is full of spit, as far as I can tell. :laugh: Because there ain't no warming here.

    I actually planted some Windmill Palms up at my cousin's house that is 20 miles North of Seattle. That was 5 years ago and we planted 5 of them. 2 or 3 are still alive and doing pretty well. But at least 2 didn't make it. But they can have them as far North as Seattle and still do okay.
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    Wow, that's cool Jim. I never would have imagined you would see fruiting. although, Portland is quite a bit more temperate than Boise. Portland is such a beautiful city. I miss the PNW.
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    Tim, You mean you don't like the flatlands of central Indiana?

    Did you get the email sent to your new address?

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