Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Oregon OEP

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    I have added the blade to our research list. Will see what we can do.
  2. Kingfish

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    You can have the blade saddle's machined down by a machine shop.i did it to put the meg-mow blades on my gravely.
  3. fobaum

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    Thanks (Oregon OEP) It would really help me, plus I know alot of 34'' exmark phazers are out their...

    (KING FISH) good idea but i don't wanna go through all the hassle since I don't even know of any machine shops anyways, and I'd have to take off the spindles, I was thinking maybe i could find some kind of spacer to fit in the 15/16'' center hole to make it 5/8 center hole???
  4. Mtnmn

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    They are are called bushings , and a good place to look is McMaster-
    Carr online. 15/16O.D./5/8 I.D.x how ever thick your blades are.
  5. bradsmowing

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    i got my blades yesterday and they sent the wrong ones that sucks i really wanted to try them this week i gess ill have the right ones on monday they look like a sick blade
  6. para7452

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    Tried mowing without the mulch kit and with the G6's. Not bad. No real blowout with the discharge open, as others mentioned, but had to double cut most of it. Never had to with the standard curved edge high lifts and the mulcher kit, so I don't have any use for the G6's. Standard notched high lifts for my pasture and high lift curved edge blades to mulch with the kit for the yard. Anyone with a 61 inch Grasshopper want some blades? I'll make you a deal.
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  7. fobaum

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    I have to admit after almost a week using the g6 blades on my 60'' Grandstand, they don't have the lift like the standard notched high lifts and leave a couple stranglers here an their,but they mulch much better (no mulch kit) finer grass being discharged i still like them, "but I really wish they had more lift..."

    P.S. Still trying to find those bushing for my PHAZER? I looked at the above mentioned website, I'll keep looking.
  8. TNGrassCutter

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    I've gotten to use them for a week on my Scag 36 WB. Honestly I can't yell any difference in cut quality or clipping size and dispersal when comparing to the factory high lifts. And I don't have any blowout problems.
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  9. Snapper Jack

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    I have an very old Snapper Pro 36" with a deck designed by Dinosaurs,so there are no bragging rights to using modern technology here and after installing the G6s I can literally watch the grass being sucked up in under my deck from 2" away in comparison to the Ferris Hi-lifts I was using. I honestly find it hard to believe that some of you having to second cut for that quality cut or find the clipping sizes still remain normal or leave stranglers hanging , as I'm experiencing just the opposite. The only faults I have of this blade is it's sheer mass weight. Maybe some of the more experienced hands can shed some light on this or the Factory Rep but so far these blades for now have won me over.
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  10. DaddyRabbit

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    I installed a set of these on my Ferris the other day and didn't notice any difference in any rpm loss whatsoever at blade engage or wide open throttle. These blades rip! The first thing I noticed immediately was how far clippings were thrown. It gets rid of them and right now! I am won over by these blades. Good job Oregon :clapping:

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