Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Ed, We have the G6™ for this; the part number is 392-025. It is brand new and the dealers and web listings probably won't know about it until our new catalog comes out next month. Also I believe that is 20-1/2" in length not 21-1/2".
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    Thank you for the fast reply. I was hoping you were manufactuing this size. You are correct about the size. I knew they were 20-1/2" long I don't know why I typed the incorrect length. Now hopefully I will be able to get a set of blades and give them a try.
    I used the older Gators on my old Bunton Walkbehind and they worked very well but I could not get enough lift out of Gators on the Ultracut. I hope the G6's will work out well.

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    I tried my first set of G6 blades today per Richard Martins recommendation. I put them on my 60-inch Dixie Chopper. I could tell from the sound of the deck that they have far more lift than the standard gator blades. I didn't have much to mow as I am in a 3 week plus rotation due to lack of rain here. They seemed to do quite well where I did mow.

    The mulching blades that I used before needed more lift so I used them as doubles with a high lift blade. Also the .203 thick gators tended to bow after a while.
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    I called my gravely dealer today looking for a set of gator blades and they said that on my mower (2011 gravely pro walk 36g) you cant use gator blades because they hit the top of the deck. Is this true? or will they work with a spacer or something. Specifically the g6's

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    Ran them today for the first time.

    Overall I'm impressed.

    Not going to be my everyday blade, but with this hurricane induced surge growth, I sure liked the smaller clippings! I can feel the extra weight in the foot pedal.

    Might have to try the '11 SuperZ 3" high lift Fusions.
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    Another full week on them, and I'm liking them more all the time. They really do reduce the size of the clippings down a lot from what the factory blades do, either std, or high lift, but I still believe that the OEM high lifts cut cleaner, though not by much.

    I have an older lady that lives across the road from me, or I should say lived, 'cause she died last night, whose lawn I mow. I do just the front 'cause of all the dog crap in back now that two of her daughters are living there as well, and one has two dogs. I do it for free because she is/was elderly, and I liked both her and her husband who passed away last year. Their next door neighbor does the rear of the place for them. Anyway, since they are having a ton of family and visitors coming and going, I did the front today so that it'd look nice while everyone is over for the wake. Their crabgrass is running rampant lately, and these G6 blades really do a number on that stuff, even after everyone has driven all over it for the last three days.

    I still think they'd be even better if the outer lift tooth was as high as the other teeth are, maybe even perfect or as close as is humanly possible for around these parts.

    I also got to see a small preview of how they'll do on leaves (there's a tree on a property that I mow that sheds year round, but is starting to drop quite a few now), and it looks mighty promising!
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    Had not heard that before. I will check into it.
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    I have mentioned this to the design and engineering department. They are looking into the feasibility of doing that.
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    Well, if they can do it, I will definately want to try them!

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