Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Green-Man

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    The G6 blades are fricken awesome! I have a kubota ZD 221 and the stock blades compared to these just sucked, they would only cut well in dry grass and I would have to double cut a lot and stock blades made me clump a lot and they got dull pretty quick! Now with the G6 blades they cut so well and mulch the grass up beautifully and cut down every blade of grass in sight. Also it keeps under my deck much cleaner I'm not sure how but it does. I have about 50 hours of use on them and I'm definitely going to buy two more sets.
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  2. TheSandman

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    If i have a Bobcat 61" with i believe the 24hp kawi will the g6's bog down my machine that bad? Just curious before i order new blades this season, whether to go with standard high lifts or give these a try..
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    Just get the G5 version. Same profile and design just a tad thinner and lighter.
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  4. TheSandman

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    The g-5's are supposively better than standard high lifts correct?
  5. Valk

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    G5s or G6s will shred the discharge more, but will generally create less lift than a 'hi-lift'.
  6. TheSandman

    TheSandman LawnSite Member
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    For thick springtime cutting, which would you guys say is the best? Most of my lawns are kentucky bluegrass.
  7. Valk

    Valk LawnSite Silver Member
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    What mower are you using?
    ~ Some mower decks may do fine with G5/6 blades, some may not mow as well.
    ~ Lush/juicy Spring turf is quite challenging because if/when it is over-processed it can become a green gooey mess.
    ~ Variables like grass length being cut off as well as how wet the conditions are (dew/moisture/weeds/etc) will further complicate each scenario.

    Not trying to be evasive here, just trying to point out that blade choice is an art best discovered through experimentation. Your grasses will be different than I suspect you have more KBG, whereas I have more fescue.

    My goal is to choose the best all-around blade for my daily average conditions. Situations may dictate a different blade, so I'll change them on the spot if I feel it is worth my time.
  8. Richard Martin

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    This is the 100% truth about any blade on any mower. Most people would not believe some of the combinations of blades I've tried looking for that perfect cut. So far I'm happy with a double blade on the left side with a single blade at the center and discharge, and with the Gator G6 blades.
  9. grassbutler

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    Well.... 3 weeks into my G-6's........ Leaves are finally falling in North East Florida. I wish i had a Go-Pro mounted to my deck facing behind my cut. My final property on Thurs was a mess.......100% covered in leaves..... (live oak, maple, bradford pear, idk what else.....) It pulverized it all!!
  10. TheSandman

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    I'm going to order the g5's for my bobcat 61" today. Will review how they compare to standard high lifts once the grass starts growing up north!
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