Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Richard Martin

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    I agree. My Kohler 28EFI had a terrible time keeping Meg-Mos up to speed in anything but light grass. It handles the G6 with no problem. I think the blade is so efficient at discharging grass that it gets the grass out of the deck quicker and makes up for the added weight that way.
  2. Kingfish

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    My discharge stayed the same:) the clipping got smaller, less double cutting:)
  3. Scott's Lawn Maintenance

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    I went out and purchased a set of g6 blades after reading all the reviews . I'am not getting the kind of performance out of these as everyone has talked about. I find myself double and even triple cutting to get the clipping clumps cleaned up. I'am not sure what the problem might be , using them on a exmark lazer hp with 23 hp kawasaki engine , triadvantage deck .
  4. JDiepstra

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    How tall is the grass you are mowing?
    What height are you mowing it down to?
    Weekly mowing?
    Is it wet?
  5. TLS

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    I notice a HUGE difference between .203" and .250" blades.

    I cant run the .250" as they take away too many RPM's.

    My little 28 EFI cant keep up with the big pumps on the SuperZ.
  6. landpride

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    when will these new G5 blades be available?
  7. para7452

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    I mowed with the G6 blades yesterday for the first time. After 20 minutes, this is what my deck looked like. Good conditions, not too wet or dry, mowing at 3 1/2 inches. I was covered in fluff, and had to bang out my radiator screen, shut down the mower, and blow out the radiator as the temp kept creeping up. Normally it barely gets into the green.

    I had the mulch kit installed, but it didn't matter. There was so much blowout I won't be able to use them. Also, I had, no kidding, at least twenty-five pounds of pulverized grass clogging the underside of my deck. Took fifteen minutes to scrape so I could continue mowing.

    The positives were that after a single pass, it looked like I bagged my grass. And even with the deck clogged there was no change in the appearance. No clumping, no stragglers, no clover left standing. That's really my one complaint with the stock mulching blades: clover stragglers.

    Anyone ever built a front air dam for a front deck Grasshopper?

    I will give the blades a shot as a dishcharge setup next time I need to do that. Maybe they will shine there!

  8. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
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    So, para....your using them to mulch?

    I believe everyone else on this thread is talking about side discharge results.
  9. Oregon OEP

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    A limited offering will be available late this year and will be expanded during 2012.
  10. para7452

    para7452 LawnSite Member
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    I will give them a shot as side dischargers next. Maybe just too much to use them as mulchers with a mulch kit, huh?

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