Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. fobaum

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    I said before I'll say it again g6,g5 blades are the most revolutionary blade in a long time... :clapping:thanks oregon
  2. grassbutler

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    Love the G6's. Ordered 3rd sets to rotate into my gravely 52 and my gravely 48 pro turns. Just got two sets of g3's for my toro 40" grandstand.
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  3. 360lawncare

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    Been using the g5 and really like them on my Husqvarna mz5225. Used to get allot of buildup on the deck when the grass was wett mowed today for the first time in wett grass and hardly had anything caked up on the bottom so far I really like these blades!
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  4. JF660R

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    Been having trouble with my 48" Hustler Sport deck packing / clogging with grass anytime there is any moisture. Had some mixed advice as to high vs low lift blades. Anyone solved this type of issue by switching to a particular blade?


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  5. S & L Lawn Solutions

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    Got to order me a set of these..
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  6. mtmower

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    Like anything you may find a blade that clogs your deck less in wet but then you typically loose vacuum and lift on the grass as a trade off.

    I've run the G5 on my 66" SZ and they do ok and do make my clippings smaller. They may help a little in grass build up under my deck but it's not a huge difference. Honestly, where I live, spring is for the most part the only time I have an issue deck build up regardless of the blade style. My G5s spit out more little clumps when wet then my HL blades.

    The HL blades do a little better at lift and moving the clipping farther out from the deck as well as spreading my clippings better, but my clippings a larger.

    Each deck style combined with the mowers speed is different IMO. I've had other brand mowers and tried the G6 blades with little if any difference, may have actually made the stingers a little worse. I have a Encore 36" hydro walk behind with a fairly open deck and I can't be happier with the G5s on it.
  7. JF660R

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    Well I ordered a set and put them right to the test. By the time I switched the blades out and changed the oil etc. It was after 7pm. This was my first mow of the season and the grass was 8-10" tall. I cut it down to 3.25" and as it got dark and the temp dropped the dew set in. The tires were glossy wet, which would normally have meant time to start bogging down.

    It just went on cutting no problem. I didn't have to scrape once. Idk if the aggressive sails have a raking effect that helps clear the deck or what. And as you mentioned there is probably a trade off. But as of now, I'll take it. Anything to mow no stop, no scraping.

    I'm a fan.
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  8. Optimum Lawn

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    Just put a set of G6's on my Gravely Prostance 61. So far in doing spring cleanups nothing stands a chance....leaves, dead grass, all just gets pulverized in one pass. Very impressive. Fall cleanups are gonna be super easy to do.
    Looking forward to seeing how well it does on green wet grass. Will it clump or finely chop and spread the clippings out into a nice neat disappearing act.
  9. chucky2

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    Hi Oregon was wondering if you could help me here:

    We have a Craftsman YTS4000 lawn tractor, model 917.289253. The sticker on it lists blades as 422719. I'd like to get Gator G5 blades for it, but when I use the Oregon lookup for Craftsman, SEARS, or Sears, I get no results (for any blades, not just the G5).

    Does Oregon just not makes blades for this mower?
  10. JF660R

    JF660R LawnSite Senior Member
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    Got quick tech help from Oregon using the contact info on their site.

    Alison Heynderickx

    Lead, Technical Support

    Customer Service Representative




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