Anyone using thenew g6 blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmorgan71587, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. alanauer

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    Gemini, at least on some models, mulching kits replace the blades with high-lift ones, and close or restrict the outflow (so each grass blade gets hit more than once inside the deck). Alternatives are re-mowing where you see the outflow, or mowing more often.
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    The results using Gator Mulcher® blades with the mulching kit seems to vary depending on the machine and cutting conditions. Most report better performance without it. I do not have any feed back from Kubota users that have tried it with the kit installed. There are many online sources for Oregon® blades; several listed on Lawnsite.
  3. JDiepstra

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    Gator blades are not mulching blades. If you want to mulch, use a hammer to bang your mulch kit straight and use the wavy looking mulch blade.
  4. naturescape

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    I picked up a set of the G6 blades yesterday and cut 4 lawns w/ them. They are TERRIBLY noisy (at least on my Exmark). I had to take them off before I (and my customers) went deaf! And I wear quality earmuffs.

    I'm sticking w/ the Gator 3 in 1 blade.
  5. TLS

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    They may or may not be quick shipping, but Mowpart has them $2.60 cheaper per blade!
  6. Snapper Jack

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    Received my G6 blades today,put'em on,made 10 laps and what I observed is this, blades are extremely heavy and noisy, which sapped the life out of my 12.5 Kawasaki ,along with a big drop in RPMs,even with some slight adjustments to the governor to raise the RPMs a bit,the motor was really struggling trying to swing those heavy blades.The WB vibrated the whole time during my short demo,not good. I will say the G6 blades really sliced and diced the grass clippings in comparison to the Hi Lifts I was using ,along with increased frontal blow out though.
    I'll be re-sharpening the hi lifts to be re-installed and just use the G6s for fall clean-ups. I tried them and wasn't won over by them.
  7. geminibuddy

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    It is nice to see the replies from everyone- but especially seeing the reply from "the source". Thanks to everyone for the courtesy of their inputs.
  8. jmorgan71587

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    Have a power chute on my ferris and with it open have little to no blow out but as soon as i close it it blows out al over. Looks like a dust clound around the mower. Only really notice it with the g6 blades
  9. HLM86

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    Richard Martin,

    Are you mulching or discharging the bahia? Whoever brought that grass here should be shot if they aren't already dead.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I wouldn't even attempt to mulch Bahia. And I've never seen anybody do it.

    I don't mind Bahia, it's leaves a decent stripe. You just have to learn how to cut it. The higher your customers will let you cut it, the better. When it's growing really good I'm cutting at about 3-1/4".

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