Anyone using this blade grinder?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Mar 16, 2004.

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    It looks like the new Neary grinder. I think this is the one that replaces the model 440. (Oregon doesn't make the grinders - they also use RBG's for some of their models). I have this grinder, and if it wasn't for the fantastic deal I got on it from a friend, I would be very disappointed. He bought it, used it once, and shelved it. He then went and bought a real one - the RBG 1012C. I've learned through experience, that you don't get ANYthing under 1 hp for a blade grinder. It takes me WAY too long to sharpen my blades with it. I can do them faster on my regular bench grinder (Dura-Craft) in many cases, than I can do with this. When I first got it, I set it to match the pitch of a new blade, and wanted to set all of my blades to that pitch (they had been a little off from using the bench grinder for so long). Well, it was taking me 20 minutes PER BLADE just to get the angle down. So, I just took all my blades, took them over to my friends shop, and did them on his RBG, in a matter of minutes. This grinder is ok if you already have the pitch all set, and you are just keeping a good edge on them, but if come across a knick or something in the blade, give it up, because you're in it for the long haul. I hope this info helps.

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    Runner true words i own a 1/2 horse wish it was a full horsepower.
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    Thanks for the input Joe. Guess I'm gonna stick with my bench grinder a little longer until I can afford a more powerful dedicated blade grinder.

    I just got tempted by that price. Sometimes I gotta be reminded that you get what you pay for!
  5. my half horse magna matic turns at 3450 rpms...gets a blade sharp in one minute or less..
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    I just got the other oregon grinder on e-bay { 1/2 hp }
    tried it the other day, works alot better than my bench grinder.
    does a great edge. just like most of you, who can't find to spend that much on an magna-matic, or rbg. It might take a couple of minutes to grind the blade, but it's alot faster then the bench grinder.So for the $299.00 price tag........well worth it!

    And maybe someday....I'll upgrade to the magna-matic w/
    stand & vacum system.
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    mickman, how does the base plate adjust for the blade angle?
    Can't see that detail in the photo in their auction.

    Do you know what the rpms are? I'm curious how it compares to odins 1/2hp mag.

  8. mickman

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    base plate isn't adjustable, 2 thumb screws & crank wheel on top to adjust pitch of blade. [ moves ruby wheel up or down ]
    quite motor, a little over 1700rpms
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    Has Anybody bought the new Neary blade grinder that does mulching blades. They sell it in Landscapers supply and I just ordered it right before I saw this thread . It is a half horse power and many have said they would not buy one. Any help please nervous about my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry cant help with the neary unit but the mag 8000 I have is great blades done in about a minute once you get a good edge the grass cuts soooo much better.
    I have been taking on blade work for the othe LCO in the area and should have the 8000 payed off in about 4 months :)

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